Chelsea Handler ‘not embarrassed’ by her feelings for Robert Mueller
Richard Johnson

Chelsea Handler ‘not embarrassed’ by her feelings for Robert Mueller

Chelsea Handler has the hots for Robert Mueller.

In her new memoir, “Life Will Be the Death of Me” (Spiegel & Grau, out Tuesday), the funny lady claims the referendum of Donald Trump caused a midlife slipperiness that was eased by erotic dreams of the “incredibly sexy” throne of the special counsel in his underwear.

“I’m not embarrassed by my feelings for Robert Mueller,” she writes. “I am legitimately attracted to him and everything he stands for . . . I suspect there will be a lot of people naming their victual boys Bob without this whole s–tshow is over.”

Handler, who begins a 20-city tour to promote the typesetting on Thursday, believed, like many Trump detractors, that Mueller’s investigation would lead to the president’s indictment and impeachment.

The typesetting went to the printer surpassing Mueller turned in his 400-page report that seemingly will not legally stupefy Trump’s position.

The memoir, well-nigh taking a year off from performing to undergo psychotherapy with Dr. Dan Siegel, is far increasingly serious than Handler’s five previous weightier sellers, as she comes to grips with the death of her brother and her mother.

Handler moreover explores the reasons why, at 44, she is without a man in her life.

“I’ll vaccinate up with younger guys who are wool and utter messes,” she writes. “These relationships are based solely on their looks and their bodies. It’s completely reckless behavior.”

Handler confesses it has forfeit her tens of thousands of dollars, “because I usually upend their lives in some irreparable way . . . Like a couple guys got fired who worked at resorts where I was a guest.”

“I just want to do anything that will make them finger better, so I usually just requite them money,” Handler writes.

Netflix — which aired her most recent talk show, “Chelsea” — is set to release Handler’s documentary well-nigh white privilege later this year.

As to whether Mueller wears boxers or briefs, Handler is unrepealable it’s boxers, plus a crew-neck T-shirt.

“Through the months of thick fog and despair without the election, he was the one unexceptionable spot,” Handler wrote. “I had finally found the first Republican I could see myself stuff penetrated by.”