Amanda Seyfried Is NOT Ashamed Of How Thirsty She Is For A Role In The Wicked Movie!

Would somebody please hire her already?

For five years, Amanda Seyfried has been asking to play Glinda the Good Witch in the movie adaptation of Broadway‘s Wicked, and she just confirmed on the Variety Awards Circuit podcast that she doesn’t plan on stopping her campaign anytime soon!

The Mamma Mia star isn’t just wishing and hoping though, the actress has put in the work to be ready for her next musical moment. She even hired a voice coach so she’d be “ready to hit those high notes” and sent a recording of her singing Popular to the director himself, Jon M. Chu! Talk about commitment.

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Seyfried also knows exactly who her fellow leading lady should be:

“For a while it was Anna Kendrick, because I thought that her Elphaba would be really solid, and you know, I sing the high notes and she can sing, she can be the alto… At one point, it was Anne Hathaway too. She could obviously be Elphaba.”

Amanda Seyfried Is NOT Ashamed Of How Thirsty She Is For Wicked Role
Amanda and Samantha do make a good pair, right?! / (c) WENN

But the 35-year-old ultimately landed on her Les Mis co-star Samantha Barks, saying, “there’s no better singer in the world.” For a project that’s been in the works since 2010, Amanda knows her time is running up to play a college student, but won’t stopping vying for the role until she’s 50! LOLz!!

Reactions, readers?? Who would U want to see star alongside Seyfried??

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Apr 09, 2021 13:40pm PDT

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