The two Emmas of ‘Cruella’ talk about Disney’s latest origin story
Cindy Adams

The two Emmas of ‘Cruella’ talk about Disney’s latest origin story

Comes now “Cruella,” which stars wall-to-wall Emmas. Emma Stone plays two characters, plus there’s Emma Thompson.

Emma Stone: “My notation — mousy Estella and roaring Cruella — have two sides so it’s two variegated hairdos. One’s woebegone hair, one’s white. As Cruella, I took pictures of myself, which seemed narcissistic, but perfect as Cruella.“I liked wearing the PETA unfriendly Dalmatian coat, but the mind-blowing 40-foot train garbage dress, which you only imagine but don’t think you’ll overly put on and siphon overdue you on a sanitation truck?”

Emma Thompson, playing a meanspirited Anna Wintour type character, says: “Cruella is everything my weft can’t bear. But it’s nonflexible for me to have friction with Emma Stone considering we’re good friends and love each other.”

Opening the 28th, it runs two hours, 15 minutes — Cruella and unusual punishment.

Russell Crowe. Has an ex-wife plus sons Charles, 17, and Tennyson, 14, both of whom squint like him. He moreover widow a fluffy villus and flabby pounds. He’s shedding that — the whiskers and weight, not the kids — to star in a new film.

Crowe, who played a gladiator and does tough stories like “Thor” and “Unhinged,” is now in “Poker Face.” No happy romp. It’s well-nigh losing a good luck recreate parrot in a vellum game whereupon a tech billionaire gathers old friends at his Miami manor for a high-stakes game of poker and … revenge.

Fresh Fresco

East 52nd’s nearly 30-year-old restaurant Fresco by Scotto closed when this municipality closed. What’s happening to New York, who knows. Who — post-de Blasio — will run this world’s No. 1 universe, who knows. When all restaurants, furriers, groceries, theaters, jewelers, salons, specialty shops, Madison Avenue, department stores, drugstores, snacks stores, workplaces, shoe shops, dentists, doctors, hairdressers, repair places — ALL open, who knows.

I only know Fresco by Scotto reopens first week in June. It’s now getting an uplift, face-lift, kitchen-lift. Even a newly widow outside dining zone rejuiced by party planner Larry Scott.

Psst … the ‘Password’ is: back

Civilization’s in luck. “Password” is grabbing its sixth shot. The show began in the early ’60s — surpassing America had demonstrations and presidents to pension them entertained — so producers were then scratching for something like parlor games to rivet eyeballs onto television. It had two teams. Plain humans vs. celebs like Paul Anka, Joel Grey, Betty White, Lucille Ball. Each had to guess some secret password thing without stuff fed a one-word clue. Whatever, that first version ran 1,555 episodes. Be still my heart — it’s wheezing back. This time with host Jimmy Fallon.

Opining time

Many deaths that happen in police encounters occur with EDPs — emotionally disturbed persons who are mentally ill or upper on drugs of abuse. To save lives, needed in an EDP undeniability is a response from a police officer together with a mental health worker. This, from a medical pro.

The United Nations plus China are upset well-nigh Israel’s “disproportionate response” versus Hamas, which fired 3,000 rockets last week. China’s occupied and colonized Tibet 70 years and the UN says nothing. What’s a proportionate response if, say, Tibet fired 3,000 rockets into Beijing? If Israel’s too harsh, why not urge Hamas to stop shooting rockets into Israeli cities? This, from a lawyer.

Friends worry Trump plans to summer in Jersey. Florida law allows governor, upon receiving an extradition request, to investigate “whether a person ought to be surrendered.” Donald’s Florida GOP Gov. friend Ron DeSantis could refuse, requirement an indictment is purely political. Well-nigh a NJ governor — who knows. This, from a pol.

After 15 months quarantined at home and not working, some storekeeper was reading the stock market report. Removing his mask he said to the wife: “Remember that portfolio that said I could stop working when I hit 55? Well, my retirement age is now 93.”

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.