Cindy Adams endorses Scott Stringer for NYC Mayor
Cindy Adams

Cindy Adams endorses Scott Stringer for NYC Mayor

Small screens, big names.

The genie is partially when in the bottle. Things are semi coming alive. New CBS single-camera spectacle “Ghosts” will inhabit Thursdays. It’s well-nigh cheerful journalist Samantha (Rose McIver) who converts a huge rundown country manor into a bed & breakfast which, unknowingly, is home to spirits of deceased residents . . .

Tuesdays is same old cops ’n’ robbers thing but a new “FBI: International” will trespassing us at 9 p.m. And competition series “Come Dance With Me” is coming whenever it’s coming so try to wait for it.

Snapchat’s going Grammy. Script, no; hip, yes. Shove Generation X. They’re into Generation Z. Houston hot pot Megan Thee Stallion will host or throne or heat or hype some new reality series tabbed “Off Thee Leash” with celebrities and their dogs and cats. Or owls or pigs or husbands — or whatever they have. The kind of host rapper Megan Thee Stallion will be, who knows. I’m still ownership vinyl 45 RPMs of Bing Crosby.

The movies are new but the subjects are old. Comes a biopic well-nigh Whitney Houston. She’s played by “Star Wars” BAFTA winner Naomi Ackie. Title: “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” (named for her hit song).

Netflix, to soothe our unstrung pandemic nerves, is reprising old horror story “Fear Street.” The three-film series promises “more thrills, increasingly terror, increasingly screams, increasingly scares, increasingly blood.” And to push backs when into multiplexes for fresh movies and stale popcorn, Matthew McConaughey and Vin Diesel have filmed theater PSAs.

And onstage. Abingdon Theatre Co. is premiering “Queens Girl in the World.” It’s a starchy rights story plus Motown . . . “Show of Titles” June 8 livestreams the pursuit on Stellar: Annaleigh Ashford, Glenn Close, Len Cariou, Jake Gyllenhaal, Isabelle Huppert, Patti LuPone, Rob McClure, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Vanessa Williams.

Great Scott for this town

Bodies who freshly discovered NYC’s wonders are now, if not running, then limping to be mayor of New York.

About Casper the Ghost I don’t know — but I do know other species are rising. Some considering they just simply don’t have any other commitments. Some considering their BS pays off largest than their IOUs.

I know Scott Stringer. I know his wife, Elyse. I have visited their home. Scott was born here. From the crib he was involved here. His mom served on boards. His mom was on the NYC Human Resources Administration. His mom was a New York City public school teacher.

Teenage Scott was a polity workbench member. His cousin was unshut mouth Congresswoman Bella Abzug. This town’s been his life since the womb. He’s our current comptroller. He was municipal president of Manhattan. He was a congressional legislative assistant. He stands for New York just like the Statue of Liberty.

Our town respects someone who can get up without a knockdown and come when fighting. City Hall needs that. Plane small dollar donations are flooding his campaign. Jumping up in the polls, within the margin of error of winning, Stringer is coming when strong and so’s New York City!

The primary is June 22.And I’m not plane a registered Democrat.

Millions now are straining to wilt American citizens. Legal or not, if our president stays awake and if they make it to get here, they will then stop hiding from verge patrol and immigration teachers and be worldly-wise to behave like other legal Americans . . . They can then start hiding from IRS agents.

Not only in New York, kids, not only in New York.