Rosanna Scotto on being a news anchor in the Zoom era
Cindy Adams

Rosanna Scotto on being a news anchor in the Zoom era

Rosanna Scotto’s co-anchored Fox TV’s “Good Day New York” since surpassing the Earth cooled. How did she do this during our pandemic? “I whimsically know how to get Netflix. I reboot, remove plugs, lose audio, wrack-up video. Zoom made me a technician. The one day I’m interviewing Bette Midler I needed my roots done. All gray hair and I’m fired in two seconds. But everyone’s late at the salon. So I made the manager leave his office, quick moved his things, lost the tint bottles, wheeled out the wrack-up dryers, verisimilitude sprayed my roots — and did the interview. On lockdown, my daughter did my color. Freaking disaster. Verisimilitude ran lanugo my when and I had gray patches. So tell me, how do you work on Zoom?”

Oh, please. I don’t. It makes me squint like a grizzly. When to you: What time you get up?

“4:30. Cellphone watchtower clock. My husband, the king, mustn’t be disturbed so next day’s preplanned outfits are in a hallway. I’m at work 5ish. Morning news meeting’s 5:20. Only in a storm and no car service will the sleeping king momentum me to work. I’ve never missed a deadline in 30 years. I’m disciplined. I’ve only overslept twice. People ask, ‘How long you going to do this?’ Listen, we make news every day. Meet the country’s most important VIPs. I’m on the front line of history. I don’t have a hobby. What should I do — stay home and knit? I don’t know how to knit. I’ll be where I am until I can’t anymore.”

Unwrapping the snacks man

In 1964 Roald Dahl wrote kid novel “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” It became a movie. Living humans inhale increasingly than only one single piece of chocolate at any one time — think Tootsie Rolls, Hershey’s Kisses — so the thing got a sequel in 1972. First Willy Wonka was Gene Wilder, then Johnny Depp. It’s when again.

As the subject gets older, the actors get younger. It now stars Timothée Chalamet, who’s old unbearable to soothe his sweet tooth with Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose. And, formerly, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes.

Chalamet will play Willy in new mucosa “Wonka” well-nigh the young kid’s pre-chocolate factory. This is his first on-screen musical. Civilization now waits to see which next big star’s daughter he dates.


Remembering Washington Post pioneer Katharine Graham, with an walkout and an event, where the New-York Historical Society’s historical group of invitees included Ron Lauder, Carl Bernstein, Leonard Stern, Gayfryd Steinberg, Merryl Tisch, Richard Ravitch, Warren Buffett who said: “Every day I learn new things.”

Among wonderful things these wonderful VIPs noted was that commentator Monica Crowley and Katharine’s daughter, hostess Lally Weymouth, both arrived wearing the same wonderful — identical — snug-fitting orange sherbet-colored dresses.

Hey, get a load of these yuks

With restaurants, shopping, culture still partially on pause, filling the gap is lecturer Justin Ferate doing a high-class Zoom typesetting event well-nigh the Catskills June 14. Title: “This Is the Borscht Belt! Part 2.” It’s well-nigh resorts of the famous Catskill Mountains in Sullivan and Ulster counties.

In comedy’s getting started days of Joey, Jerry Seinfeld, Woody Allen, Martin and Lewis, it was hotels upstate, places like the Concord and Grossinger’s, which had its own airstrip and served 150,000 guests yearly where these future stars honed their “A funny thing happened on the way to the theater” shticks.

For some reason it has my late husband Joey Adams’ name on the typesetting cover. So, listen, if you’re light right now on culture, opera, ballet and art, tune in.

Never to knock Manhattan where I was born, where I live and which I love, but it’s now getting so tough and crime-ridden that if our temp mayor says one increasingly time that “Crime is lanugo in the city” it will only be considering we’ve run out of victims.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.