Britney Spears’ dad, Jamie, spotted outside his trailer home after hearing

Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, was photographed in public for the first time since his daughter’s bombshell testimony well-nigh her conservatorship.

Jamie, 68, was spotted on Saturday at a storage facility on the outskirts of Kentwood, La., signing papers in the visitor of flipside man. The statesman Spears, who looked increasingly feeble than the last time he was seen in public, wore a Monster Energy hat and used a large potation or table draped with the company’s logo as a makeshift desk.

Jamie Spears sits at a makeshift sedentary branded with the Monster Energy logo.
Jamie’s makeshift sedentary and hat were both branded with Monster Energy logos.

The New York Times reported last week that Jamie, who sold Britney’s nearby diaper home for $275,000 in February, lives in an RV that he parks outside the storage facility, which houses various memorabilia from his daughter’s career.

A trailer for his catering company, Cookin’ Cruzin’ & Chaos — which uses the slogan “Put a little South in your mouth” — was moreover seen on the premises on Saturday.

Jamie Spears’ truck for his catering visitor tabbed Cookin’ Cruzin’ & Chaos.
Jamie has a catering visitor tabbed Cookin’, Cruzin’ & Chaos.

Britney, for her part, jetted off to Hawaii with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, pursuit her impassioned write to the magistrate at the most recent hearing unfluctuating to her conservatorship.

In her speech Wednesday, she charged that her father’s role in the conservatorship that she has been under since 2008 has been “abusive.”

Jamie Spears outside his RV.
Jamie reportedly lives in a mobile home on the same property as the warehouse.

“He loved the tenancy [he had] to hurt his own daughter — 100,000 percent,” Britney, 39, said well-nigh her dad, alleging that she’s on lineage tenancy versus her will and was moreover forced into going to a mental health facility in 2019.

On Thursday, the singer took to Instagram to repent to fans for presenting her life as a “fairy tale.”

Jamie Spears was pictured with an unidentified friend.
Jamie was pictured with an unidentified friend.

“I repent for pretending like I’ve been ok the past two years,” she wrote. “I did it considering of my pride and I was embarrassed to share what happened to me.”

Britney was placed under the conservatorship without her public dispersal in 2007.

Court documents from 2016 that the Times obtained last week revealed that Jamie has controlled not just Britney’s finances but moreover granular details of her everyday life, including whether she could replace her kitchen cabinets.

Jamie Spears’ RV.
Jamie has reportedly been living in an RV since selling Britney’s diaper home in February.

Jamie has been Britney’s main conservator since the beginning. An attorney, Andrew Wallet, moreover had a key role in the specimen surpassing stepping lanugo in March 2019. A financial firm named Bessemer Trust has since been put in Wallet’s place, sharing tenancy over Britney’s manor with her dad.

Jamie Spears pictured at his storage facility in Louisiana.
Jamie Spears at a storage facility in Louisiana.MEGA

When Jamie temporarily stepped when from managing his daughter’s non-monetary personal wires in September 2019, citing health issues, a licensed fiduciary, Jodi Montgomery, temporarily stepped in as co-conservator of Britney’s person.

Britney initially requested that Montgomery’s role wilt permanent, but she asked the judge on Wednesday to terminate the conservatorship altogether. Her court-appointed shyster has yet to file paperwork to uncork the process.

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