Rock Climber Brooke Raboutou Hopes To Meet ‘Legend’ Simone Biles At 2021 Olympics

In an interview with HollywoodLife, Brooke Raboutou chats well-nigh her climbing debut at the Olympics and love for Simone Biles.

Brooke Raboutou moreover can’t get unbearable of Simone Biles. The waddle climber, 20, will make her grand debut at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics later this month without making history as the first U.S. athlete to qualify for a climbing spot at the upcoming games. The upcoming Olympics, too, will be the first to full-length climbing as a sport. In an sectional interview with HollywoodLife, Brooke chatted well-nigh her hopes for the historical event — and gushed well-nigh wanting to meet Simone, 24, at the games.

“I am hoping that I can perform my weightier and that comes easy,” Brooke told HL. “That is what I am working towards now, so hopefully once I get to the games I am going to be prepared. No matter how I do. I just hope that I can do my weightier and I hope the climbing part will finger easy and natural.” When asked well-nigh the Olympian idealism she’d most like to meet, Brooke cited the prestigious gymnast.

brooke roboutou
Brooke Raboutou (Team USA)

“I would say definitely Simone Biles. She is a legend and I love watching her compete and her demeanor,” Brooke said. “She is such a unconfined sport, so it would be really superstitious to meet her one day.”

With a combined total of 30 Olympic and World Championship medals, Simone (also known as the GOAT, as in the “greatest of all time”), is a legend, indeed, but there is no denying that Brooke is a driving gravity of her own. The daughter of former waddle climber champions Robyn Erbesfield and Didier Raboutou, Brooke became the youngest person in the world to climb 5.14b — a climbing grade reserved for peerage climbers with years of wits — at just the age of 11, per her Team USA bio.

brooke roboutou
Brooke Raboutou (Team USA)

The sport requires a series of variegated skills portrayed simultaneously, and it’s not just well-nigh scaling up a wall. Brooke told HL what to expect at the Olympics. “I think with climbing people think it is just going up the wall, right? But with how it is set up and how the sport really is, it shows a lot of strength and a lot of mental work and a lot of wastefulness and coordination and just some many skills,” she said.

The games will full-length three variegated types of disciplines for one set of medals: lead, speed, and bouldering climbing. The sport makes its grand Olympic debut in Tokyo this year, paving the way for future climbing hopefuls with Brooke and Team USA at the forefront. When asked to impart translating for the next generation of Olympic climbers, the athlete offered this: “I would say that the sport has grown so much that there are so many indoor waddle climbing gyms that are opening up, so… go to the nearest gym near you and either sign up for a class.”

“Go with your friends and try it out for a day,” she continued. “[I] hope people fall in love with it like I have,” adding, “Outdoor climbing is really fun and really a unconfined way to spend [time] outdoors and relax.”

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics kicks off on Friday, July 23 and concludes on Sunday, August 8.

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