EXCLUSIVE: “I think the unapologetic attitude of Aditya Kumar Tripathi has been created by me” – Imlie actor Gashmeer Mahajani

Gashmeer Mahajani, who is currently playing the role of Journalist Aditya Kumar Tripathi in Star Plus’ popular drama, Imlie is enjoying a lot of popularity amongst the audience. The two-face has moreover ripened a unconfined fanbase since his stint in the show. Gashmeer began his career with 2010 romance, Muskurake Dekh Zara. He then took a unravel from the industry and immersed himself in theatre; vicarial at Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai for four years. He then made a comeback in his Marathi mucosa debut in 2015 with Sanjay Londhe’s Carry On Maratha opposite Kashmira Kulkarni. Now without doing several remarkable projects in the Marathi industry, Gashmeer has tried his luck in television.

EXCLUSIVE I think the unapologetic vein of Aditya Kumar Tripathi has been created by me - Imlie two-face Gashmeer Mahajani

In an sectional interview with Bollywood Hungama, Gashmeer spoke well-nigh how his weft Aditya Kumar Tripathi.

How do you respond to the overwhelming response your show and your weft Aditya Tripathi has been getting it?
See whatever work you do for any two-face or any maker of any sort – be it a filmmaker, any two-face –  you are creating something which you are going to take to a large mass of audience. If it is appreciated, it is unchangingly largest for the two-face considering you can experiment with yourself. What happens is appreciation is equal to success. If people are liking what you are doing, you are going to have the liberty of doing things your way. Otherwise, what happens is if people don’t like what you are doing or if people don’t plane notice it, then you don’t get the liberty to work equal to your way. People ask you to work in their way and my way wouldn’t get accepted. So, the becomes increasingly difficult. For me, appreciation is increasingly important considering it gives me the conviction and the liberty to work in the way I want. To experiment and grow increasingly in my work. So that way I love the appreciation.

But, secondly, I think in the long run such notation need to be created every time. This is one milestone. I need at least 15-20 such milestones in my career over the next 8 to 10 years to make Gashmeer Mahajani a household name. That has wilt the mission and that’s the most important thing and I have to unzip it.

So, I cannot bask in the glory that my serial has worked and my weft has wilt popular. There is no point in taking it too seriously or climb it in the head. It will take virtually 8 to 10 years to make Gashmeer Mahajani a name. I do enjoy it considering it gives me the liberty but I don’t take it that seriously moreover considering it is just one of the characters, I need to create at least 10 increasingly such characters.

So ultimately your target is to make Gashmeer Mahajani a household name too just like Aditya Tripathi?
Gashmeer Mahajani has to be the household name. People should watch a particular show or a mucosa or a web series considering Gashmeer Mahajani is there and they follow Gashmeer Mahajani’s work. So, for that creating a huge soul of work which is largely successful moreover is very important. So, creating tens of variegated notation which successfully make their way to people’s hearts. One Aditya Kumar Tripathi is not enough. I need to pension working on variegated projects and create variegated notation in variegated mediums, not just Television. Be it web series or films. Currently, the work for web series and films has been halted for a bit for the past 6 to 8 months considering of the lockdown.

How much are you unfluctuating to your weft Aditya Kumar Tripathi?
I believe and I personally follow that in any portrayal that I do in a weft or any portrayal I have washed-up so far I have lent it my personality and a part of me has been secure to that. I have been donated to that character. So, then what happens is sooner the weft becomes unique to you, nobody can do that. I have given a part of my personality to it. If a personnel part of you is not in that character, not plane an ounce of you then you’re faking it. The weft becomes a lie. For it to squint real, for it to seem real, for it to touch someone’s heart, it has to have a part of your personality. So obviously Aditya Kumar Tripathi has a very large part of Gashmeer Mahajani. Obviously, a lot of traits that he has, any of the big actors you see it from yesteryears or plane today all virtually the world, you’ll unchangingly see a part of their personality that is meant to any weft they portray. but that gives it realism. That gives it the reality it requires. So obviously, there is a large part of Gashmeer Mahajani in Aditya Tripathi. That’s why when you squint at Aditya Kumar Tripathi, you can not imagine everyone else in that considering a lot of me has been lend to it. It’s not just any weft that I have created and I’m a variegated person, it can not be like that. The weft and you can not be completely different, it is not possible. A part of you has to be there in the character. Not just Aditya Kumar Tripathi, any weft that I have played in Marathi Cinema so far  or the Shrikanth web series which I did, every weft that I had played, there is a part of me.

What are the similarities between Adiya and Gashmeer as in person?
I think the unapologetic vein of Aditya Kumar Tripathi has been created by me, from my own personality. Like if he makes a mistake he will own up to it. The unrepealable visualization which he makes in his life, plane if they are crowned upon by people if he believes that they are right he will go superiority with it. So, the conviction Aditya Kumar Tripathi carries, the unapologetic vein he carries that I finger this is right equal to my morals plane if the society or unrepealable section of the society doesn’t stipulate with it, I’ll still gonna do it and go superiority with it. So, the vein reflects from Gashmeer only. That vein was not there in the character, it was not like that initially. It was something I lent to it. That’s how I decide to siphon the character. It has significant similarities to my personality. When I do something, I believe in something plane if there is a large section of people virtually me who don’t understand it or believe in it or think it’s not the way of doing things. But I believe this is the correct way of doing things, I go superiority and do it. My decisions don’t get unsimilar by what other people think. That is something which plane Aditya Kumar Tripathi does. They both are very convinced well-nigh their thoughts.

What are the things that can never be the same in Gashmeer and Aditya Tripathi? In which things are they poles apart?
I don’t think so there is any. There is nothing at all. Not plane a single thing. may be regulars could spot it, but I can’t see any difference. Considering if there were, I would have felt it and that scene would have come in a very unconventional way. I would have fake it, but I don’t think so I have ‘fake’ anything. Many a times, there are some stupid things considering some people believe that television is required to be stupid. Unfortunately, this happens, so I don’t end up doing stupidity and I don’t scarecrow much. In such scenes, I’m very passive and ask them to just make stand apart. I don’t undergo by it.  So in those scenes, I’m really not active, I just stand there considering I’m getting paid for that day.

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