DAY6’s Even of Day widens their music spectrum; offers solace and hope in with ‘Right Through Me’ – Album Review

South Korean wreath DAY6 has a song for everyone. One can find solace in their music at any given point in their lives since they aren’t wrung to show rollercoaster of emotions through their music. The wreath is currently on a hiatus owing to member Sungjin’s military enlistment and Jae’s hiatus to focus on his mental health. But, DAY6 makes sure that MyDays (fandom name) don’t see their favourite out of whoopee for long. The subunit of DAY6, Plane of Day, made a comeback in July 2021 with their mini tome Right Through Me. After making their debut as subunit in 2020 with The Book of Us : Gluon – Nothing Can Tear Us Apart with title track ‘Where The Sea Sleeps’, the unit evoked  the complexities of love. The new tome forms a new workshop in the storyline with the conclusion of the Book Of Us series.

The trio, bassist Young K, keyboardist Wonpil, and drummer Dowoon, have once then delivered an exquisite musical wits in their new album. Right Through Me features seven track, each a shade variegated than the last.


The first song in the tome ‘We’ sets the tone for the coming few tracks. On surface, the song seems like a waddle verse of unrequited romance, but upon reading the lyrics, one discovers that the song is not just a heart unravel melody. The lyrics are, infact, a mirror to one’s everyday struggle – “Sometimes, we fall and then we rise / Unchangingly repeating endlеssly / When hope arises / Dеspair will be over / Let’s just remember the joy and live”. The electric guitar gives a waddle music finger to the song. Young K and Wonpil showcase a smooth vocal sync and Dowoon shines through when the pulsate set is heard.

The song is like an ode to one’s obstacles and fight to overcome them. Through this waddle ballad, Plane of Day wants to requite solace to their listeners, to MyDays, that there will be a brighter day ahead. It is okay to fall, and maybe lose momentum, but at the end it is all okay once you stand when on your own feet.


The title track ‘Right Through Me’ is a jazzy semi-rock number. The trio walkout their instrument playing skills with Young K on the guitar, Wonpil on the keyboard and Dowoon on the drums. What makes the tome variegated from the rest is that this time Young K wasn’t seen with his sensory guitar, instead he tried his hand at the electric guitar. The music video presents a slo-mo version of the events which emphasize on the emotions running through the lyrics.

We see Young K, Dowoon and Wonpil heartbroken without their love has left them, and how they are coping with the breakup. At the end of the video, the trio is when in the showcase with Day6’s logo flashing over it and people on the street simply passing by. The music video symbolises the empty and lonely feeling that one feel’s without losing a loved one.


The pandemic has hit us all hard. In these trying times, it is often the music that brings a sense of repletion and solace. With ‘Walk’, Even of Day urges their listeners to pension walking no matter what comes their way. The only way from here is ahead! The synth-based music and the strong vocals add a cheer tone to it. The track weaves a web of hope and strength with lyrics – “Cause it’s unchangingly going to be unconfined anyway/Calm lanugo man/Keep walkin’, pension walkin.”


The track 4 from the tome transports the listeners to a karaoke room that is famous for playing love ballads from the 70s and 80s.  ‘All the Things You Wanted’ is replete with the retro music nostalgia. The pulsate beats and synth-based music set the stage for a song that serves as an epic score for a heart yearn scene as reflected in the lyrics – “If only I knew sooner / If only I noticed / I wanted you (wanted) / Did I requite you all my love”. Wonpil and Young K’s upper notes in the song express the immense heartache as written in the lyrics.


What comes to your mind when you hear – ‘From the Ending of a Tragedy?’ What can one expect without a tragedy? Lingering heartache and vigour to start anew. Young K and Wonpil are stuck in a hell and it is late for them to run away, but they are urging the listeners to turn yonder and run while they still have time. What would this tragedy be? An end of something rather evil, or bad for sure.

From the Ending of a Tragedy’ serves as a learning lesson, that once you know how a story ends, it is wise to not repeat again. A strong emotion and wakeup undeniability like this cannot be served in a mannerly soothing melody. The music needs to reflect the mood and the urgency and the wreath used the perfect music genre for this. Sticking to the genre of rock, Young K and Wonpil have walled a harmony of upper vocal notes that bring out the message in the lyrics – “Please leave me now / At the painful end of this tragedy.”


Things start taking a brighter and positive turn with ‘Home Alone’. Even of Day has brought a peppy funky write-up with this track. The song then might finger like an au revoir to a lover, but it is much increasingly than that. The song is well-nigh a new start, a new found sense of self. Who hasn’t binged movies all night, had noodles for lunch and dinner and danced all over the house when they were home alone? The song embodies this feeling of just doing what one wants and feeling a sense of self-rule in doing so. Here, going home vacated is not something sad or lonely; instead stuff home vacated is good thing considering one has wrenched from the shackles. This couplet from the song clubs the overall finger of ‘Home Alone’ – “Don’t need nobody else/ ’cause I’m unbearable alone.”


‘Love Parade’ is by far the peppiest track of all seven in this album. The song serves as a perfect conclusion for an tome that spoke well-nigh facing obstacles, overcoming them, finding a sense of wastefulness and eventual self-rule that it brings. It is an anthem for the triumph of self-rule and love. The song has all the elements, right from the pulsate beats at the start to the fireworks at the end that make it a perfect ‘pick me up’ track. Imagine yourself in your happy place and this song – “One increasingly time/ (Love) From now on / Anytime anywhere/ Our love parade will continue” – plays as the soundtrack of your life. Sounds blissful, doesn’t it? What makes this track plane special is Dowoon’s crooning in the song. His unshared voice is noticed immediately, and it ties up the joyous feeling of the together with all three members singing.

To sum it all up, Right Through Me by Plane of Day is much increasingly than just an tome well-nigh romance and heartbreak. It is a message of understanding, sympathy, hope and bottoms for the listeners. With this album, the trio have once then showcased their musical capabilities that evokes dynamic emotions with Wonpil belting out his second highest voice note without ‘Shoot Me’ to Dowoon surprising us with his vocals and Young K leaving his sensory guitar to try his hand at the electric guitar.

There is a song for every emotion – from heartbreak to love, from wrongness to joy. Pick a song, put it on repeat. Plane of Day is here to serenade you for any mood you have!

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