Olympic Swimmer Katie Ledecky Reveals Secret Rituals That Help Her ‘Relax’ Before Competing

Katie Ledecky speaks to HollywoodLife well-nigh the upcoming 2021 Tokyo Olympics, her partnership with grooming trademark BIC, and more!

Katie Ledecky‘s relaxation rituals probably aren’t that variegated from yours. The Olympic swimmer, 24, and squatter of grooming trademark BIC Soleil Sensitive Advanced “Game On” wayfarers spoke exclusively to HollywoodLife well-nigh the wayfarers and upcoming 2021 Tokyo Olympics, revealing that her non-Olympic relaxation moments stem from TV and pizza.

“I have gone through a lot of TV shows like everyone else in the past year and some of my favorites are Blue Bloods and Curb Your Enthusiasm,” the five-time Olympic gold medalist said. “Those are recurring and still coming out with seasons which is fun.” When asked well-nigh her favorite trickery meal, she cited a big ol’ pizza.

“I haven’t had a big pizza in a pretty long time; that is something I had without my last race in Rio, so I am sure that will be one of my go to meals without Tokyo.”

katie ledecky
Katie Ledecky at the 2016 Rio Olympics (Shutterstock)

Katie, full name Kathleen Ledecky, made her Olympic debut at the 2012 London Olympics at the age of 15, competing as the youngest athlete in the U.S. Olympic delegation. To state that the swimmer made a splash would be an understatement, as she won four gold medals during her Olympic debut and tapped a world record during the women’s 800-meter freestyle.

Along with the five Olympic gold medals, Katie moreover holds 15 World Championship medals, making her the most-decorated sexuality swimmer in history. In sum, she is a pretty big deal — so no, retirement is not on the horizon just yet. “I don’t have a retirement plan,” Katie told HL. “I know that I’m going to protract swimming vastitude this summer.”

“Going to the next Olympic trundling 2024 I know will be my next big goal,” Katie continued. “And then I know that without 2024, I’ll have to evaluate where I’m at in life — where I’m at with my swimming career, where I’m at with all my other interests and make a visualization on whether I’ll go through 2028.”

katie ledecky
Katie Ledecky for BIC (courtesy of BIC)

She added: “I am very tempted by the idea of the 2028 Olympics stuff in Los Angeles.” With the upcoming Olympics initially elapsed due to COVID-19, the swimmer revealed how she trained, explaining that she prepped in a neighbor’s 25-yard pool during the first three months of the pandemic.

“After well-nigh three months, our normal training facilities opened when up at Stanford.” she said. “We’ve been pursuit a lot of protocols and doing everything we can pension each other healthy, but we’ve still been worldly-wise to push each other, and make sure that we’re really working towards stuff at our weightier to this summer.”

On top of eating and sleeping well, Katie said her training routine is moreover dependent on getting that smooth shave. Enter: her partnership with BIC. “Shaving is a big part of any swimmers routine when it comes to the big meets,” Katie said. “I’ll be bringing my Bic Soleil Sensitive Advanced Razors with me to the big meets… Our partnership is well-nigh inspiring conviction in everyone, and really trying to make an impact.”

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