How To Get The Perfect Post-Pandemic Cut & Color For Summer – Expert Tips

If you want to get your hair washed-up but haven’t been to a salon post-pandemic, experts shared tips on how to get the perfect hairstyle for summer.

Many of us have not been to a hair salon in over a year due to the pandemic. However, now that the world is slowly opening when up, it’s time to get when to our old ways and if you’ve been wanting to go but don’t know what style to get, have no fear. Just in time for summer, we have the perfect hair makeover for you to try that includes a cut and verisimilitude and is a unconfined way to ease yourself when into the salon. Hair colorist Joanna Pinto Delgado and stylist, Jerome Lordet, of Pierre Michel Salon in New York City, spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, on how they achieved the gorgeous squint below.

hair makover
Leilah went to her first post-pandemic hair visit at Pierre Michel Salon in NYC where she got her hair cut & lightened with super soft highlights for summer.
hair makover
Leilah entered Pierre Michel Salon in NYC with very dark, long hair (left) without not getting it cut in a year & colored in 2 years. The photo to the right is her gorgeous hair after. (Pierre Michel Salon)

Leilah, pictured above, like many women, didn’t get a haircut since March 2020 when lockdown began in NYC, so she wanted a fresh cut and lighter hair with soft, streaky highlights that weren’t too harsh but were perfect for summer, and that’s exactly what she got.

To get her hair cut, Jerome explained, “I brought up the length a little shorter, keeping a very unmodified line to pension the hair thick-looking, with a few face-framing pieces and a few very long layers.” Once he was washed-up with the cut, he blew her hair straight with a 2-inch whisk skim to “smooth and requite shine.”

hair makover
Her hair was colored by Joanna Pinto, who gave her “teasylights” which is a mix of teasing the hair & balayage, while her hair was cut by Jerome Lordet. (Pierre Michel Salon)
hair makover
Leilah left the salon looking fresh & ready for summer as her hair was cut into long layers with a few pieces framing her squatter & super soft highlights that weren’t too harsh.

After Leilah’s hair was cut, Joanna took over to verisimilitude her hair. “Leilah hadn’t colored her hair in two years and she got used to the richness in her natural hair, but she wanted just a bit of splendor to unravel it up and make it squint dimensional,” Joanna explained. Below, are the word-for-word steps Joanna took to unzip the gorgeous color.

1. “I decided to go in with a technique tabbed teasylights. This is a hybrid technique of traditional highlights teased at the root and balayage. This technique is low maintenance permitting her to go longer in between salon visits. This was perfect for Leilah considering it widow subtle, lighter pieces into her hair and still maintained the richness of her natural base.

2. “We did a full throne but strategically placed them with unbearable spacing in between the foils to not overdo it. Teasing at the root is crucial for this technique considering it helps mistiness any type of lines and creates a soft transition.

3. “The lightener is then swept onto the rest of the hair like you would in a traditional balayage technique, but the only difference is it is encapsulated in the foil to help lift to the right level, expressly since she was so dark. So, we wanted to get yonder from the orangey tones.”

As for the final look, Joanna said, “Leilah left with the transpiration she needed. It gave her the splendor she was looking for this summer but yet she still maintained the richness of her natural base.”

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