Nevada Woman Admits She Pretended To Be A Dentist & Yanked 13 TEETH From An Unsuspecting Patient!


This isn’t quite like Jennifer Aniston‘s weft harassing her poor dental teammate in Horrible Bosses (movie scene pictured above), but this real-life dental drama is still pretty f**king insane!!!

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office says a woman in Reno, Nevada, identified as 42-year-old Laurel Eich, tapped into a dental office, stole money, and admitted to performing surgery on a patient without a license — equal to media reports published over the weekend.

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Eich (mugshot pictured in inset, above) worked at Desert Valley Dental in the northern Nevada municipality of Reno when police underdeveloped her late last week. Initially, law enforcement had their vision on one specific crime: when on May 3, officers responded to a intruder watchtower at the dental office where they found an unshut when door, a wrenched when window, and a ransacked sedentary drawer with increasingly than $23,000 in mazuma and checks reportedly missing.

While it’s unclear exactly why police suspected Eich of the crime, she was sooner identified as the main suspect, and cops underdeveloped her without incident last Wednesday. Then, during intake at the local jail, they officially charged her with multiple felonies for the break-in, including thievery and grand larceny.

But the story doesn’t end there!!!

While speaking to police as part of their interrogation process, Eich freely confessed to cops that she tangibly “yanked 13 teeth from an unidentified person at a prior time” surpassing the burglary. She personal she used vaccination that had been thrown yonder by the dental office.


Shocked by the admission, the police investigated, sensibly found cause, and widow another tuition onto Eich’s rap sheet. This time, they hit her with performing surgery on a patient without a license in wing to her two previously-mentioned felony charges.

Cops say Eich came forward with that ticket on her own; apparently, the teeth extraction was completely unrelated to the robbery allegations and “done on her own time.” The identity of the person from whom Eich extracted those 13 teeth is not immediately clear, nor is there current condition without going through such a surgery ordeal with… ya know, not a dentist.

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Eich has moreover been hit with several other charges, including three counts of violating her probation, and one misdemeanor count of conspiracy to commit burglary. She was held through the weekend in the local county jail on a $20,000 bond.


What do U make of this rogue dental teammate going all-in on surgery, Perezcious readers?? And then telling the cops?!

Oh, to be a fly on that wall in that interrogation room when cops first learned of her extra-curricular surgery activities… definitely not something you expect to come wideness every day!!!

[Image via Washoe County Sheriff’s Office/YouTube]

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Jul 20, 2021 17:05pm PDT

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