Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Leah Remini Admit They Shared ‘Real Kisses’ And Chemistry On Saved By The Bell!!

Could we have gotten a real-life romance between Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Leah Remini?! It sure sounds that way!

In a new episode of Mark-Paul’s Saved by the Bell podcast Zack to the Future, with a guest visitation from his former co-star the 47-year-old two-face admitted he was hardcore superincumbent on Leah at the time — and the feelings were mutual!

For those who weren’t fans of the hit ’90s show, Jennifer Lopez’s BFF played the role of Stacey Carosi (the daughter of high-end waterfront resort manager Leon Carosi), who struck up a relationship with Zack Morris while working together at the Malibu Sands Waterfront Club.

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Reminiscing well-nigh their characters’ on-screen romance during season 4 of the hit spectacle — which only lasted six episodes but has been a fan-favorite relationship to this day — the podcast host gushed:

“There is an undeniable chemistry between you and I that we have seen, and you’ll see it in this episode as well.”

Ultimately, Stacey returns to the East Coast at the end of the summer while Zack goes on to patch things up with his long-time girlfriend, Kelly Kapowski.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Leah Remini Shoehorn They Shared ‘Real Kisses’ On Saved By The Bell!!
Stacey and Zack sharing an intimate moment on the beach. / (c) NBC/Hulu

Despite the unfortunate ending to the summer fling, the opposites-attract romance was a massive hit! Mark-Paul recalled:

“The regulars is really into us. They really, really loved seeing Zack and Stacey together. Now, you wouldn’t think that, right? You unchangingly thought, ‘Oh, it’d be Zack and Kelly.’”

During his trip lanugo memory lane, the two-face revealed a MAJOR reason why fans might have been shipping the fictional couple so hard! Apparently, the sparks that were seen on TV were felt IRL! Remini dished:

“Those are real kisses.”


That just makes their on-screen romance plane cuter! And no wonder those kisses were so f**king sexy (for TV)!

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The dad of four straight-up supposed the kisses between him and the Second Act lead were largest than those with his on-screen girlfriend-turned-wife Tiffani Thiessen (AKA Kelly Kapowski). While making it very well-spoken he and Leah never hooked up off-screen, the performer unfurled to confess:

“It definitely seems like there’s something there.”

Explaining the differences between the kisses he shared with Leah vs. Tiffani, Mark-Paul noted:

“Tiffani and I never had a kiss like we have… on these six episodes. But there is not a single person that Zack comes into contact with, in my opinion, that had a chemistry that you and I had.”

Wow!! And weightier of all, The King of Queens licentiate agreed, chiming in:

“And we liked each other. We got along, we laughed, we had a good time — I don’t know if you remember that, but there was never any weirdness between us.”

Our minds are blown, TBH!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Shocked to hear Mark-Paul shoehorn how much chemistry there was on set? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via WENN/Avalon/FayesVision & NBC/Hulu]

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