Khloé Kardashian Reveals Struggle To Get A New Dog (Or Cat??) For True After Death Of Her Beloved Gabbana


Khloé Kardashian is in the market for a new weightier friend!

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and her 3-year-old daughter True Thompson have theoretically been talking well-nigh raising a new pet, as it’s been a few years now since the reality TV maven’s minion dog Gabbana went on to doggie heaven.

But to hear Khloé tell it, the move isn’t as simple as it might seem — cat or dog?! And where to adopt??

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The Revenge Body host opened up well-nigh her dilemma on Twitter on Monday, revealing in a series of tweets how she was working nonflexible to try to convince True to see the light and prefer a dog!

But as she explains (below), the winsome little girl wasn’t sold on a dog — not quite yet, at least — and was asking her mom instead well-nigh possibly raising a cat:

“My fur victual Gabbana passed yonder when I was 6 months pregnant. Emotionally, I wasn’t ready for flipside fur baby. But now that True is getting older I figured I would get her a dog once we got settled into the new house. I desperately miss my Goober. it’s been over 3 years and I’m finally ready. I know a dog would be a unconfined wing to our home. Buttttt Miss True has a love for cats and wants a cat. I have never owned a cat before. I don’t know anything well-nigh cats. I’ve been researching for weeks (literally). I’ve been trying to persuade her to get a dog but she’s not falling for it. Sooooooooooo does anyone know of any good kitten rescues in Los Angeles”

Who knew True was a cat person?!

As Khloé explained while standing the discussion, she’s still got a few months’ time surpassing moving to icon out exactly which unprepossessing might fit weightier with her family:

“I have a few increasingly months until I move. So I’m trying to squint into shelters and still do a little increasingly research until then. I’m sure a move can be a little jarring for a three year old, so I’m trying to get the kitten virtually move-in time so True is excited for the new house. I wish True was old unbearable so I can tell her she’s allergic to cats. My mom told me that my unshortened childhood. I never questioned it. Genius move!!”

That sneaky Kris Jenner, dropping a cat allergy in there! Just say you’re a dog person, DAYUM! LOLz!

On flipside funny note, without hearing hundreds of responses and suggestions from fans, Khloé came to the one conclusion well-nigh our society that is true and undebatable:

Ha! Too funny!

We have a feeling a new pupper may win out in the long run, though.

After all, by late Monday night, Khloé had retweeted several fans who re-shared old pics of Khloé and her minion late pup, as you can see (below):

Gabbana was a gorgeous girl!

Honestly, cat or dog, as long as there’s plenty of love and superintendency for the pet in the house — which we know there would be with Khloé and True virtually — whatever unprepossessing they segregate to prefer would be lucky to have them!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Cat? Dog? TURTLE?! LOLz!

Sound OFF with your take on what kind of unprepossessing Khloé and True should prefer lanugo in the comments (below)!

[Image via Khloé Kardashian/Instagram]

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