Chet Hanks Faces MAJOR Backlash Over Recent Anti-Vaccine Video: ‘A Complete And Total Loser’


Chet Hanks is at it again…

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson‘s unique (sure…) son, who was previously dragged this year for asserting that a “white boy summer” was upon us, is now stuff tabbed out again on social media without revealing his opinions well-nigh COVID vaccines tween the ongoing pandemic.

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As we reported on Tuesday, the 31-year-old son of A-list parents posted an unfortunate video for his half-million Instagram followers in which he came out against getting the COVID-19 shot.

Initially lying to the camera and ultimatum he was “on the fence well-nigh this for a while,” Chet literally tabbed out “psych” like a ’90s kid and slammed the vaccine, saying at one point that “you ain’t stickin’ me with that mother f**kin’ needle.” Disgusting!!! The only (small) consolation here is that Chet is now stuff SLAMMED on social media by thousands of users. In response to his thoughtless anti-vax take, worldwide sense IG followers have been calling him out ruthlessly for the last 24 hours.

One user veritably demolished the A-list offspring in one single paragraph:

“What a loser. A well-constructed and total loser. The only reason he has anything is considering his last name is Hanks. Zero talent and really probably has some mental problems. He’s moreover spitting on the graves of those we have lost and the pain of the loved ones left behind. Wonder what he would say if Mom/Dad hadn’t made it? How do we cancel this guy?”


And there’s more, too, with other IG finance feeling not-so-generous towards the younger Hanks without increasingly than 617,000 Americans have now died without contracting COVID:

“Wow that went downhill fast”

“Poor you… tired of wearing a mask. Smh. #weakminded”

“Idiots like you are the problem.”

“I’m sure your parents are disgusted, as are anyone WITH A BRAIN!!!”

“I would have thought with the parents you have, you would be smarter”

“You are a f**king idiot”

“Please tell me your education qualifications to spew s**t you obviously know NOTHING about? You sound like an idiot in this video so I wouldn’t take any translating from you, expressly translating for my own health and so many others.”

“Relax bro you’ll scare your hairline remoter back”

That last comment!!! Social media is what it is most of the time, but some of y’all are funny AF in the comments section! LOLz!

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Twitter users moreover had some fun with Chet’s not-so-fun anti-vax BS, as you can see with a few good reactions (below):

“Chet Hanks is the price we have to pay for Tom Hanks stuff such an wondrous human”

“To be fair, if you’re taking any translating from Chet Hanks well-nigh literally anything in life, you need to re-evaluate your unshortened existence.”

“you can either do what the doctors who have secure their lives to studying infectious diseases say to do or you can do what chet hanks says to do”

“imagining the guy who decides not to get the vaccine bc chet hanks well-considered versus it”

“Every 6 months Chet Hanks finds a new way to embarrass Tom Hanks.”

“nominating Brendan Fraser to replace Chet Hanks as Tom and Rita’s son”


Honestly, this is where we’re at:


You’d think that a man who watched his parents go through their own scary wrestle with COVID-19 last year might finger differently well-nigh getting vaccinated to protect versus the pandemic. Expressly considering how strongly Tom himself has come out versus “Covidiots” unwilling to do their part to help end this worldwide nightmare.


What do U think of all this COVID craziness, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF well-nigh it with your take on Chet’s terrible takes lanugo in the comments (below)!

[Image via WENN/Instagram]

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