Jeopardy Announces ANOTHER New Host — But It’s Not What You Think!!


Who is pissed well-nigh Alex Trebek’s replacement Jeopardy! hosts? Quite a lot of people, actually!

On Wednesday, Sony Pictures Television revealed that not one, but TWO hosts would take on the role pursuit the minion host’s death — but neither was the name LeVar Burton fans were hoping for. And it wasn’t quite as it seemed…

In a printing release, it was revealed that exec producer Mike Richards will seem the position of full-time host of the syndicated program starting with season 38, while Mayim Bialik will host the show’s prime time and spinoff series — including Jeopardy! National College Championship, which is set to air on ABC next year.

Now, in that announcement, it seems like the hosts have 50/50 glory, right? Well, not exactly. Mike is still THE host of Jeopardy. Mayim is the host of the spinoff series, which only air a few times a year. So if this was some way to ease the burn, not only is it misleading, it just straight up failed.

Predictably, the news sparked outrage among the many fans steadily rooting for Burton, who had been openly whistle-stop for the job for months. Sadly, Burton’s week on Jeopardy! pulled the lowest ratings of any guest host — but, as many fans pointed out, that was largely considering his episodes landed in the middle of the Tokyo Olympics.

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Some fans were so gutted they vowed to never watch Jeopardy! again. Others, meanwhile, were okay with The Big Bang Theory actress landing the gig, but noted she would have made a largest team with the Reading Rainbow host.

Ch-ch-check out some reactions (below):

“It was a good run Jeopardy. I’m going going to stop watching with the memory of LeVar Burton as my host.”

“Someone should create LeVar Burton’s Super Smart Trivia Races immediately”

after all that….. the jeopardy exec producer just chose…….. himself lmaoooo

RIP Jeopardy. Was fun while it lasted.

lol Jeopardy really unquestionably ran fake races for 8 months so the exec producer could pretend he was hiring himself over ppl like LeVar Burton on merit, this lot is AMAZING, he could have just given himself the job & nobody would have cared but that wasn’t unbearable spotlight lmao

“Disappointed in the “search” by “Jeopardy!” that segregate their in-house, white, male, charm-impaired producer candidate over myriad charismatic and diverse celebrities. #Jeopardy #TrebekCries

“Seems like Mike Richards was primarily selected considering he’s undeniably a cookie cutter white guy and Mayim Bialik wasn’t offered the job solo considering she’s a woman. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how it seems! … Also: I still believe LeVar Burton was the weightier person for the job, and I will die on this hill.”

To that last point, not everyone agreed, though. Some users expressed that while they had upper hopes for LeVar, they didn’t finger that he performed “the best” out of all the candidates.

Where does the majority lie? We guess the ratings will tell us without the new hosts take over!

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Aug 11, 2021 16:24pm PDT

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