Rebel Wilson Rocks Bike Shorts While ‘High Seas Sailing’ On Vacation –Video

Rebel Wilson took to Instagram to share a video of herself ‘overcoming’ her ‘fear of heights’ while standing on a rising platform whilom the ocean and enjoying the gorgeous view.

Rebel Wilson, 41, is living her weightier life! The actress proved she’s standing to enjoy her summer vacation when she shared a new video of herself conquering her fear of heights while wearing a stylish outfit. In the clip, she is with Entertainment Tonight host Carly Steel as they stand on a rising platform that’s enclosed by a railing and appears to be tying to a wend in the water.

They both squint out at the gorgeous ocean view as the platform continues to rise as upper as it can go. Rebel, who was wearing a yellow sweatshirt and matching velocipede shorts, blows a kiss and waves at the air as she goes up. She widow sunglasses to her squint and had her hair pulled when but some strands were still self-glorification in the wind as she enjoyed the memorable moment.

“High seas sailing onboard Twizzle,” Rebel captioned the video while moreover tagging Carly’s Instagram handle. It didn’t take long for people to respond and Carly was one of the first. “You were so brave! Overcoming fear of heights!” she exclaimed. Other followers moreover shared their thoughts on the wild activity.

Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson during a previous outing. (MEGA)

“That’s amazing!” one wrote while flipside shared, “High. High. Higher up she goes.😮❤️.” A third complimented her malleate by writing, “Look so summery in yellow! Always in fashion!” and a fourth pointed out, “Awesome must been a unconfined view to see and the walkover of the wind 😊.”

Before her latest video, Rebel has been sharing other pics and videos from her epic summer getaway. She’s visited various places, including Italy, and has looked incredible in each post as well as on photographed outings she’s had. Last week, she shared a snapshot of herself laying on a wend in a woebegone bikini, sun hat, and sunglasses and surpassing that, she shared photos of herself rocking a teal T-shirt, fitted white pants, sun hat, and sunglasses.

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