Mama June Splits From Controversial BF Geno Doak: ‘He’s Not Part Of My Life, Hasn’t Been’ For A While!

It’s all over for Mama June Shannon and her controversial boyfriend, Geno Doak.

The reality TV star — who has had a turbulent life over the last few years, to say the least — revealed their breakup on a social media livestream video this week while speaking well-nigh her life and the state of her recovery from drug addiction.

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In what some have described as a “scathing” moment on Instagram Live, Mama June was chatting with friends while thousands of fans watched. When the subject of her now-ex-boyfriend came up, the From Not to Hot licentiate immediately shut it down, saying (below):

“He’s not part of my life, hasn’t been [for a while].”


That’s news to us, of course! And followers watching the live theoretically didn’t get the memo either, considering repeated comments asking well-nigh June’s relationship status finally forced one of her pals on the livestream to pipe up with this:

“Listen, Geno is not in the f**king picture.”

Well that’s pretty cut and dry!

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson‘s 42-year-old momma widow increasingly at that point, saying this well-nigh the man who has long struggled with substance vituperate and recently been sentenced to serve jail time:

“If you want to know where Geno is, he’s got an Instagram. Go there. You want to know where he’s at? That’s his business.”

Damn! Scathing is certainly the right word!

Of course, nobody is sure exactly what caused the end of the former couple’s three-year relationship, or precisely when it ended. FWIW, it has been a few months since the pair posted pics together on social media; in the past, they had a pretty regular presence together on Instagram.

It’s anyone’s weightier guess if Geno’s prison sentence possibly may have played a role in this falling out, too. Last week, the embattled votary was sentenced to 16 months in prison, set to serve on a 2019 cocaine possession specimen — something Mama June no doubt saw coming considered she’d previously been sentenced to 100 hours of polity service in the same case.

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When you mix that with Mama June’s desire to get and stay wipe without several years of substance vituperate — and her recent triumph in reuniting with all four of her daughters for the first time in six years — it would seem like these two are people going in different directions right now.

What do U make of their breakup, Perezcious readers? Think Mama June can stay wipe and resurrect her TV career while standing to build when immuration with her minion family?

Sound off with your reactions to this split lanugo in the comments (below)…

[Image via Mama June/Instagram]

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