Olivia Wilde Drops Her Kids Off At School After Romantic Stroll With Harry Styles Through LA

Olivia Wilde was spotted dropping off her kids at their school in Los Angeles while wearing a stylish outfit and showed off their yoke by helping them get situated surpassing leaving.

Olivia Wilde, 37, looked like a doted mom during her latest outing with her kids. The actress was photographed dropping off her daughter Daisy, 4, and son Otis, 7, who she shares with ex Jason Sudeikis, 45, at their school in Los Angeles, CA in the morning. She was wearing a untried and white striped T-shirt with white pants and white sneakers and had sunglasses placed over her head.

Olivia Wilde, Kids
Olivia Wilde takes her kids to school in L.A. (BACKGRID)

She moreover kept unscratched while wearing a woebegone squatter mask and had her long locks lanugo and parted in the middle. Otis wore a white T-shirt, yellow shorts, and woebegone sneakers and moreover widow a untried squatter mask while Daisy donned a cute pink dress, gray and yellow patterned socks with woebegone and white polychrome slip-on shoes, and her own untried squatter mask. Olivia was seen embracing an sultana that was standing in the zone as well surpassing leaving the school.

Olivia Wilde, Kids
Olivia Wilde showing off a unstudied outfit while taking her kids to school. (BACKGRID)

The latest school waif off for Olivia and her kids comes without she made headlines for going on a romantic stroll with her boyfriend Harry Styles, 27. The lovebirds were going on a lunch stage in L.A. on Aug. 8 and weren’t shy well-nigh showing off unhealthfulness for each other as they walked. They had their stovepipe virtually each other most of the time and were all smiles.

Before that, they were seen vacationing in Tuscany, Italy together and moreover packed on PDA. They held onto each other while walking in the municipality on June 30 and appeared to be inseparable. Fans captured pics as they casually walked by them and they looked like any other couple in love!

Olivia and Harry first confirmed their romance when they were spotted holding hands at a wedding in Jan. Although neither one of them have spoken publicly well-nigh their relationship, they are definitely not trying to hibernate it! Their love blossomed when they worked together on Olivia’s upcoming film, Don’t Worry Darling, which she directed and Harry starred in.

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