Fans Think Kylie Jenner Will Officially Announce Pregnancy Next Month At Met Gala!

Could Kylie Jenner have inadvertently been one-upped by Caitlyn Jenner when it comes to making her big pregnancy reveal?!

Sources are coming forward out of the woodwork on this trappy Friday reporting how Kylie is supposedly pregnant with victual no. 2! And while nothing has been confirmed yet by the reality TV star herself, we can’t help but think that Caitlyn’s comments unprotected on video during a NorCal public event might have tipped the scales versus Kylie stuff worldly-wise to surprise the world with some stunning reveal.

Womp, womp!

Well now, judging by all the sources coming forward with Kylie pregnancy allegations, fans are starting to pick up on Caitlyn’s possible f**k-up and running with it. And there’s one BIG stage circled on the timetable for them: September 13, when the Met Gala goes down!

It turns out that increasingly than a few Twitter users and other KarJenner fans and followers believe the 24-year-old mom to Stormi Webster had initially been planning on using the Met Gala as her big reveal point for the second pregnancy. And had Caitlyn not jumped the gun, well, Kylie would’ve had her own “break the internet” moment, like this person contemplated (below):

Others took a increasingly uncontrived tact:


And they were far from alone, TBH.

Here are just a few increasingly of the huge handful of reactions coming in from Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans when it comes to Kylie’s potential pregnancy reveal:

“So the rumor is that Kylie is going to show up at the Met Gala in September with her vitals showing as an announcment. Lets start placing bets.”

“If kylie is pregnant, i’m imagining using the met gala as her announcement. Like her designer is designing a dress to make it an over the top moment to signify her pregnancy bc the devil works nonflexible but kris jenner works harder.”

“hear me out, kylie is gonna signify her pregnancy at the met gala”

“Caitlyn ruined her plans. Now she can’t surprise us at the met or with the Kylie victual launch”

“The question is, will Kylie come online and requirement the rumor is not true??? Then reveal the victual @ the met, it will all squint so messy”

Of course, that whole thing has been pre-empted at this point — if that plane were Kylie’s plan in the first place!

Still, there’s just something well-nigh making big, big statements at the Met Gala…

Anyways, unrelated but this is where we’re at with this whole thing, Perezcious readers:


What do y’all think??

Sound OFF with your take well-nigh Kylie’s potential pregnancy — and all this Met Gala talk — lanugo in the comments (below)!

[Image via Apega/WENN/Avalon]

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Aug 20, 2021 15:06pm PDT

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