‘Love After Lockup’ Finale Preview: Anissa Confronts Jeff About His Secret Kid — Watch

When Jeff doesn’t have the valiance to tell Anissa well-nigh his kid, she does the nonflexible part for him in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the ‘Love After Lockup’ finale.

“It’s been nonflexible on me, the last few days,” Anissa admits in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Love After Lockup finale, walk August 20. “I’ve been really upset and I pension hoping Jeff will come to me and tell me well-nigh having a kid.” She reaches her breaking point and decides to confront Jeff well-nigh his secret.

“Is there something you need to tell me?” Anissa asks Jeff. He avoids any form of confrontation. Anissa isn’t going to when lanugo from this. “You think you should tell me you have a kid?” she asks.

Love After Lockup
Anissa brings up Jeff’s secret kid. (WE tv)

Jeff is stunned. “Who told you well-nigh this kid?” he asks Anissa. Turns out, Kyle is the one who told her well-nigh Jeff having a child. Jeff proceeds to have a meltdown well-nigh Kyle.

When Kyle pulls up in a truck, Jeff goes out to confront him well-nigh everything. Jeff starts to go off and calls Kyle “a b*tch friend.” At one point, security has to hold when Jeff so he won’t do something he regrets.

Anissa is still inside the house. She has no regrets well-nigh bringing up Jeff’s secret kid. “What was I supposed to say? He’s the one with the secret?” she says.

Love After Lockup
Jeff freaks out during Anissa’s confrontation. (WE tv)

Anissa and Jeff met 10 years ago on a pen pal website. Anissa has put everything into their relationship, both emotionally and financially. Jeff was supposed to be released to Anissa twice before, and both times he bailed on her. Since getting out of prison, the challenges for Anissa and Jeff have continued.

The synopsis for the August 20 episode reads: “Rachel makes a shocking discovery well-nigh Doug. Daonte faces Nicolle’s ex. Lisa’s ex-con brother interrogates Stan. Jeff uncovers Anissa’s secret and a wild shindig breaks out. Josh gives Courtney a romantic surprise. Britney’s confession stuns her dad.” Love After Lockup smugness Fridays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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