Maggie Q Reveals Why She Was Drawn To Portraying ‘Strong, Vietnamese’ Assassin Anna In ‘The Protégé’

Maggie Q spoke to HL well-nigh why she fell in love with the weft & superstitious her dynamic with co-stars Samuel L. Jackson & Michael Keaton.

Maggie Q doesn’t take just any role. The half-Vietnamese actress has admittedly turned lanugo notation that play into unrepealable AAPI tropes that do not help the culture, but instead, perpetuate negative stereotypes. In her latest film, The Protégé, Maggie leads as a dominant, strong and ramified Vietnamese sniper named Anna — and it is exactly the kind of role she is unchangingly willing to step into and represent. “First of all, stuff worldly-wise to portray a strong Vietnamese woman, it just all goes together, it’s synonymous with who I am. To play someone of my own culture, half my culture, and portray the strength of the women that I know in our culture was really cool,” she told in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “It’s nice to be worldly-wise to take on roles that are women that people would unquestionably want to be or be in the same room with, at least.”

Maggie Q in ‘The Protégé,’ in theaters Aug. 20th. (Lionsgate)

She continued, “You want to do your culture proud, but at the same time, moreover represent in a way where it’s like, I am not going to play into these tropes that are that are so common, and so typical, and normally put together by people who don’t have any creativity.” Maggie explained she enjoys working with the creative people of Hollywood who “know that all of that is colorblind.” “This is a creative field. There never should be verisimilitude in creativity, right? Besides literal verisimilitude that people unquestionably use, but other than that…it’s unchangingly been an versifier is an versifier is an artist,” she said.

In The Protégé, Maggie plays a lethal assassin, Anna, trained by her unexplored father-figure Moody (Samuel L. Jackson). Anna embarks on a journey for revenge without Moody is brutally killed, and becomes entangled with an enigmatic killer (Michael Keaton). “They’re such incredible guys in Hollywood and they bring totally variegated things to the film, and whose relationships are very variegated with Anna. You could have a movie with two men where it’s like a love triangle, but we have these dynamics that you don’t often see on screen that were really well fleshed out by our writer, who saw these worlds as stuff two very, very variegated worlds with to two incredibly variegated men,” Maggie told HL.

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“With Sam, we we wanted there to be an easy humor and an easy way well-nigh the way they spoke to each other, and we moreover wanted there to be an unspoken thing that was really unbreakable between the two of them something where they would requite their lives for one flipside in a second. But at the same time, they still unliable each other to be exactly who they were, and never, never tried to transpiration that person,” Maggie said of Anna’s dynamic with Moody. “I think those are the relationships that truly can develop very tightly considering no one’s trying to tenancy the outcome. And I really felt that with the two of them.”

The Protégé hits theaters Aug. 20th.

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