John Ritter’s Children: Everything To Know About His 4 Kids

Learn increasingly well-nigh John Ritter’s four children, who the two-face left overdue when he tragically passed yonder in 2003.

It’s been nearly 20 years since Three’s Company star John Ritter suddenly died on September 11, 2003. Besides stuff a spectacle icon, John was moreover married twice in his life and had four children between his two wives. His first wife was actress Nancy Morgan, 72, who he had two sons and a daughter with. The couple were married from 1977 until divorcing in 1996. His second marriage was to Wings star Amy Yasbeck, 58, from 1999 until his death in 2003. The pair had make-believe in a handful of movies and TV shows together and had one child together. Learn increasingly well-nigh the actor’s four children!

John Ritter had four children during his lifetime. (Shutterstock)


Jason is John Ritter’s oldest son. (Shutterstock)

John’s oldest son with his ex-wife Nancy is Jason Ritter, 41. As the actor’s firstborn, Jason has followed in his dad’s footsteps and pursued a career in entertainment. Like his dad, Jason has had an extremely prolific career with over 100 vicarial credits listed on his IMDb page. With as many roles as he’s had, he’s played a variety of variegated parts from sitcoms like Girls to horror films like Freddy Vs. Jason to biopics like W. He’s moreover had a huge number of voice vicarial roles like in the well-known series Gravity Falls and voiced Ryder in Frozen II. He’s moreover earned Emmy nominations twice. He was nominated for Outstanding Guest Two-face in a Drama Series in 2012 for his performance in Parenthood and for Outstanding Two-face in a Short Form Spectacle or Drama Series in 2017 for Tale of Titans. Besides acting, Jason has moreover been engaged to actress Melanie Lynskey, 44, since 2017. The couple moreover have a victual girl of their own, who was born in 2019, equal to People.


Carly with her mom Nancy Morgan and brothers Jason and Tyler at the 2012 Emmy Awards. (Splashnews)

John and Nancy’s second child and only daughter Carly, 39, moreover pursued a career in entertainment, but a completely variegated medium. Unlike her father and brothers,  Carly became a folk and country musician. Her tideway was very inspired by learning well-nigh Scottish folk music while studying upalong as a student at Vassar College, equal to her Apple Music bio. In 2013, she released her self-titled debut tome through Vanguard Records. While she hasn’t released flipside full-length album, Carly has dropped a number of singles with her most recent stuff the 2020 track “I’ve Sold My Saddle For an Old Guitar.”


Tyler with his mom Nancy Morgan in 2015. (Shutterstock)

Like his older brother and dad, Tyler Ritter, 36, is moreover an actor! Even though he comes from a famous family, it wasn’t the most obvious visualization to pursue a career in entertainment. He taught in Argentina for three years surpassing kicking off his vicarial career. “I think there was a little piece of me just as a young man who wanted to tinder my own path,” he told Gay Star News in a 2014 interview. Throughout his vicarial career, Tyler has most notably had recurring roles in TV shows like Arrow and starred in the short-lived sitcom The McCarthys. Tyler has been married to his wife Leila Parma since 2016, equal to UPI. His wife gave lineage to a son Benjamin Parma Ritter in June 2017. The two-face shared a photo of himself cradling the victual boy to Instagram. “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life,” he wrote in the caption.


John’s only child with his second wife Amy Yasbeck is Noah Lee, 22. The youngest child was born Stella Ritter in September 1998. In 2017, a source tropical to Noah told Radar Online that Noah was transitioning into a man and no longer went by his lineage name. Not much else is known well-nigh Noah as his Instagram and Twitter profiles are both private. He does have an IMDb page under his lineage name, which includes three vicarial credits. His credits are listed as the TV movie This is My Friend (2007) as well as the shorts The Namazu (2012) and Hannah Lost Her Smile (2013). He’s moreover listed as a composer for The Namazu.

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