Camila Cabello Reacts To Rumors She’s Engaged To Shawn Mendes

Did Camila Cabello decide to make an honest man out of Shawn Mendes? Well…

Earlier this summer, the cute couple prestigious their two-year anniversary. Pretty impressive by young Hollywood standards, expressly when you factor in all the pandemic breakups and shake ups that happened in some of our favorite romances. But could their longtime love be heading lanugo the walkway sometime soon?

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Some fans definitely thought so — expressly when they spotted the singer wearing some suspicious bling. Last week, Camila posted a TikTok of herself doing the choreography for her single Don’t Go Yet with the caption:

“just showin u my daily work out routine”

@camilacabellojust showin u my daily work out routine♬ Don’t Go Yet – Camila Cabello

But followers thought she might be showing off something else. Specifically:


“POV: you’re watching the video then to see the ring”


“Is she engaged image theres a ring on her left hand”

As you could imagine, this caused quite a stir with the stans. So much so that during her visitation on The Tonight Show on Thursday, host Jimmy Fallon asked:

“Did Shawn Mendes ask you to marry him?”

She replied:

“He has not, and I am not engaged.”

Sheepishly, the 24-year-old added:

“I unquestionably — I just — I still, I swear to god, I don’t know what hand the engagement ring goes on, so sometimes I’ll just like, put it on my ring finger. I mean, I’d unquestionably like you to enlighten me—which hand is the engagement hand? Considering I don’t know. My parents are married, and they both lost their ring. Literally, my mom couldn’t tell me, either. She could save me from this, but she doesn’t considering she doesn’t know, either!”

When the comedian had to double trammels that it was the left hand, the Havana versifier said:

“You don’t plane know! Is this worldwide knowledge? You sound insecure well-nigh this.”

For the record, some eagle-eyed fans unquestionably cross-referenced the incriminating TikTok with Camila’s Instagram (like the one below), and noticed she unquestionably was wearing the ring on her right hand. Considering the camera presented a mirror image, the ring just appeared to be on her left. All the headlines probably didn’t help her ravages well-nigh which hand to worry about, though!

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Over on Fallon, the pair went on to joke that instead of rings, they had lower when tattoos commemorating their relationships. Referencing her duet with her musician BF, the Cinderella star teased:

“I have a tattoo of Shawn on my lower when too. It says ‘Shawn Mendes.’ … It says ‘señor,’ and he has one on his lower when that says ‘señorita.’”


Listen, Shawn and Camila are still so young. They have plenty of time for making things official. And we’ll still be ready to gloat if and when they do!

Ch-ch-check out Camila’s full yack with Jimmy Fallon (below):

[embedded content]

[Image via Camila Cabello/Shawn Mendes/Instagram/TikTok]

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Aug 27, 2021 10:13am PDT

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