Olivia Rodrigo Says She Only Saw White Girl Pop Stars Growing Up

Wait, what now??

Driver’s License singer Olivia Rodrigo has wilt a pop sensation over the past few months, but theoretically that was something she never expected — for a pretty sad reason.

The 18-year-old phenom got emotional in a new full-length for V Magazine on Thursday as she opened up well-nigh what it’s like to be “the first major Filipina-American popstar,” as the mag refers to her.

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Guest interviewer Bowen Yang from Saturday Night Live specifically asked her well-nigh stuff an Asian artist, plane saying she was doing “something very radical.” The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star well-set it was “incredible to think about.”

Speaking well-nigh the reaction to her success, she gushed:

“I sometimes get DMs from little girls stuff like, ‘I’ve never seen someone who looked like me in your position.’ And I’m literally going to cry, like, just thinking well-nigh it.”

That’s wonderful. Truly.

There has one hundred percent been a lack of the presence of Asian American women in pop music. Bruno Mars is the only Filipino pop star we can think of off hand, certainly in the past decade or so. During a time when AAPI Hate is at a rise (click HERE to learn more), we’re so glad kids virtually the world can squint up to Ms. Rodrigo.

She went on to add:

“I finger like I grew up never seeing that. Moreover it was unchangingly like, “Pop star,” that’s a white girl.”

It is so sad to think that a world where a girl grew up thinking that was the specimen wasn’t far in the past. That stuff said, it’s moreover sad to think of a world where you’re theoretically not exposed to superstar acts like RihannaSelena GomezAaliyahJanet JacksonWhitney HoustonPaula Abdul, and Selena Quintanilla — just to name a few off the top of our head!!

There’s unchangingly been a unduly small value of Asian American representation in the pop world, but plane though we have Madonna and Britney Spears, Mandy Moore and Jessica Simpson, we’ve moreover had a helluva lot of non-white women SLAY-ING it. Nowhere near enough, but we’d be remiss not to praise them! The pop world would be nothing without them!

Heck, Olivia is just 18 years old; Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Christina Aguilera have all been famous her unshortened life!

Honestly, we were a little surprised an versifier steeped unbearable in music history to be accused of ripping off Hole and Elvis Costello wasn’t well enlightened of these sunny non-white pop stars, but we suppose off-the-cuff remarks do happen.

She deserves to finger proud of her success; we mean, she’s once an enormous inspiration to little boys and girls wideness the globe! (Not to mention a lot of grown ones here in Los Angeles.) You just can’t vituperation us for NOT passing up a endangerment to name ALL the greats of pop music! Ha!

[Image via Olivia Rodrigo/YouTube/MEGA/WENN/Avalon.]

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Aug 27, 2021 17:49pm PDT

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