Justin Bieber Appears To Rock Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Thanks To Hilarious Billboard Flub — Photo

Justin Bieber’s new Balenciaga ad started getting put up on the side of Andaz West Hollywood hotel on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip on Aug. 30, but a mishap left him wearing SKIMS.

If you weren’t paying super tropical sustentation to Justin Bieber‘s new Balenciaga ad while driving lanugo Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip this week, you’d probably seem the singer was showing off his toned legs on his new billboard on the side of Andaz West Hollywood hotel. But once you take a closer look, you’ll see that’s not the case.

On Monday, Aug. 30, crews began setting up Justin’s new ad, but while the top half showed Justin’s gorgeous squatter and part of his torso, the marrow part of the photo showed the legs of a SKIMS shape wear model wearing grey underwear and hairdo socks.

(Hollywood Life)

The two photos unquestionably lined up pretty perfectly and they created a hilarious new image that started going viral on social media. “Justin Bieber for Skims Balenciaga is the happy wrecking you could only wish for on a Monday momentum home,” one Twitter user wrote, while flipside added, “I’m so sorry for laughing but this is way too funny”.

Even fellow idealism Jacob Elordi shared the image of the billboard mishap on his Instagram Story, as he couldn’t help but poke fun at the worrisome new photo.

Fortunately for Justin, crews widow the singer’s marrow half by sundown on Tuesday. So now, Justin can be seen in a pair of woebegone sweatpants and running shoes — not skimpy grey underwear and hairdo socks.

Thus far, neither Justin nor SKIMS owner Kim Kardashian have commented on the mishap, but we scrutinizingly wonder if the mishap was planned to bring increasingly sustentation to the brands. Wouldn’t that be pretty perfect?

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