‘Teen Mom OG’s Cheyenne Floyd Reveals Why Season 10 Was The ‘Toughest’ For Her To Film


Cheyenne Floyd felt extremely ‘overwhelmed’ while filming the new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’. She said, ‘I lashed out on just well-nigh everybody’.

When Teen Mom OG returns with its 10th season on Tuesday, Sept. 7, at 8pm on MTV, the show will highlight Cheyenne Floyd‘s second pregnancy and the struggles she faced throughout it. And it was considering of those struggles that Cheyenne had a really nonflexible time filming the show.

“I would say this season was probably the toughest for me,” Cheyenne told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY while promoting the new season. “[I was] pregnant during a pandemic, and Cory [Wharton was] away filming The Challenge, when I was very pregnant. [It was moreover hard] rhadamanthine a second-time mom, [while] having a relationship. There was just a lot going on at all times. And I definitely had days where I was super overwhelmed and you know, I’m sure you guys are going to see that I had good days and bad days … And I think I lashed out on just well-nigh everybody at one point.”

MTV unquestionably released a prune from the season premiere and it shows Cheyenne getting into a very heated treatise with her fiance, Zach Davis. In the prune seen above, Cheyenne screams at her partner and says, “I don’t finger supported!” without they have an treatise well-nigh her ultrasound appointment. But Cheyenne told us that her “hormones” are to blame, so hopefully fans remember that when watching the new season.

But Cheyenne’s season will moreover full-length some happy moments, like when she and Zach got engaged. “I definitely knew it was coming,” Cheyenne told us when we asked whether she was surprised by Zach’s proposal at her victual shower. “I didn’t know it was going to happen that day. I thought it was going to be like the next day or the day without considering all my friends were in town and he knew that was really important that I had loved ones there. But I definitely thought that he was going to do it the day without the shower. So at the victual shower, I was just not expecting it.”

And they’re once wedding planning! “We have a date, and we have a venue. But that’s really it. But I was really happy to get those things set. So, we are getting married next year,” she told, while subtracting that she’s not sure whether or not she wants to mucosa the wedding. “You know, I’m so on the fence. To be honest, I finger like it’s such an intimate personal day. But you know, I moreover mucosa a lot of intimate personal days. Like, what’s the difference between you know, this, and you guys getting to see me giving lineage soon.”

Want increasingly drama? Catch the season premiere of Teen Mom OG on Sept. 7 at 8pm on MTV.

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