50 Cent Blasted For ‘Disgusting & Disrespectful’ Posts About Michael K. Williams’ Death

A lot of celebs are shameless when it comes to self-promotion on social media; it’s all part of the game these days. But many finger 50 Cent crossed the line this time.

The In Da Club rapper sparked major outrage this week when he took to social media on Monday to post well-nigh the news of two-face Michael K. Williams’ death — and, for some reason, thought it was a good idea to promote his show Power Book III: Raising Kanan AND his liquor brands Branson Cognac and Le Chemin Duroi in the process.

Alongside an vendible of The Wire alum’s untimely passing — which, equal to the NYPD, is stuff investigated as a possible overdose from heroin or fentanyl — the hip-hop icon wrote:

“Damn if you didn’t see [Power Book III:] Raising Kanan trammels it out that fentanyl is no joke, killing the clientele.”

He then misspelled the Boardwalk Empire vet’s name, writing, “R.I.P micheal k williams,” surpassing subtracting hashtags for the liquor brands — which he does for all his posts, for what it’s worth.

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But he didn’t stop there. In a followup post, the 46-year-old shared a screenshot of a Page Six vendible detailing his real-life feud with the late Williams, writing slantingly the caption:

“Don’t overly try to understand me I’m different. I don’t do all the fake love s**t.”

Unsurprisingly, fans weren’t having any of it. An unwashed of critics — including several of the performer’s devotees who had vowed to un-stan him — slammed the New York native for his “insensitive posts,” fuming:

“50 Cent is honestly icky and disrespectful as hell for this post smh. So lame for this…..Sending my condolences to the family of Michael K. Williams.”

“50 cent is so petty like wow….I’m not surprised but it just confirms that he has zero decency or rather no empathy for people. Idk if it’s considering he got shot 9 times and lived to tell the story but he’s truly chaotic.”

“50 Cent is my favourite rapper ever, but this is disrespectful as hell and corny , he is a wagger for that, can’t defend the n**** no mo, RIP Michael Williams.”

“50 cent has literally shown us who he is for years. I honestly don’t know why y’all still support his projects but that’s flipside discussion.”

“50 cent says a lot of dumb s**t but this is the dumbest. Ever. Using Michael K. Williams’ death to promote your own show is so insensitive and stupid.. this wasn’t well-nigh ‘bringing awareness’ smh”

“There’s no way 50 Cent is a good person. No way in hell. Just inappropriate.”

The rapper’s posts have since been deleted. You can see a screengrab (below):

As we reported, Williams was found sufferer in his Brooklyn home on Sunday at the age of 54. A relative reportedly went to trammels on the two-face without they hadn’t heard from him in a few days. He was tangibly found in his living room slantingly drug paraphernalia.

His rep told The Hollywood Reporter:

“It is with deep sorrow that the family announces the passing of Emmy nominated two-face Michael Kenneth Williams. They ask for your privacy while grieving this insurmountable loss.”

Hopefully 50 Cent deleted considering he realized how insensitive he was stuff and will do largest in the future.

[Image via MEGA/Judy Eddy/WENN]

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