‘BIP’: Joe Assures Serena She’s His ‘Main Priority’ After His Ex Kendall Arrives

All vision were on Joe Amabile when his ex, Kendall Long, arrived on this week’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ — just as his new relationship with Serena Pitt was heating up.

Kendall Long and Joe Amabile reunited when she arrived to Mexico on the Sept. 6 episode of Bachelor in Paradise. The exes met on season five of the show and were together for increasingly than a year surpassing splitting in Jan. 2020. Joe came when to Paradise this season to find love once again, and he was well on his way thanks to a hot new romance with Serena Pitt. However, Kendall had a variegated idea in mind.

“We still loved each other when we tapped up and I finger like this is the last time I can have a conversation with him and find out what we’re really meant to be surpassing Joe finds someone else,” Kendall explained in a confessional. “I still love joe and I hope he still has love for me.” Immediately upon arriving, Kendall pulled Joe whispered to have a talk.

She started by telling him that she was doing “okay” but not great, and admitted that she was surprised to see how well he was doing. Joe told Kendall that he scrutinizingly left Paradise without the first few hours, considering stuff on the waterfront brought up so many memories of where he fell in love with her. “We were really in love, and for me, it hasn’t been easy,” he said.

joe amabile serena pitt
Grocery Store Joe and Serena Pitt on ‘BIP.’ (ABC)

“It’s difficult for me to not have you be a part of my life,” Kendall told Joe. “I do want you in my life. You’re a special part of my life and I want you to be in my life in some capacity. It’s nonflexible not to have that. You try to move on, but for some reason it doesn’t finger right. It’s hard.” Kendall and Joe tapped up considering they couldn’t stipulate on where to live, which she said made the breakup harder for her. “We tapped up, not considering we didn’t love each other, but considering of logistics,” she revealed. “That’s what’s difficult for me. Something doesn’t really finger done.”

Meanwhile, Serena had to watch all of this go lanugo while sitting just a few feet away. She began crying as she opened up well-nigh how she felt well-nigh it. “Everyone has exes, that’s completely normal, but rarely do you have to explore a relationship with someone when their ex is just ten feet away,” she said. “I don’t want this to get in Joe’s throne and ruin a good thin we have going. It’s just a lot.”

Joe filled Kendall in well-nigh his relationship with Serena and admitted that he really liked her. Then, the conversation turned to discussing the breakup. Joe explained that he was upset with Kendall for not at least trying to live in Chicago like he wanted. However, she insisted that she knew she would never settle lanugo there, so she didn’t see a point in it. “I didn’t transpiration my mind [about wanting to move there], and I think you were hoping that I would,” Kendall explained.
Joe Amabile and Kendall Long
Joe Amabile and Kendall Long surpassing their breakup. (Shutterstock)

“Your whole thing was that you didn’t want to move anywhere for a man,” Joe said. “I should’ve been increasingly than just ‘a man’ at that point. We could’ve tried it.” He moreover told Kendall that he “liked” where he was at with Serena, but didn’t know where it was going to lead just yet. In a confessional, he added, ” I don’t know if I still love Kendall. I have something going on with Serena that I don’t want to just throw away. I like where that’s going. This is messy. I don’t know what to do in this situation. I’m tumbled now, and this is going to be a problem.”

Afterward, Joe pulled Serena whispered to explain what was happening. “She initially started it off like she was coming when here for me,” he explained. “But she ended it [by saying] that she wants closure so we can be friends so she can stage here. So there’s unmistakably some kind of misunderstanding between her and I still as far as why she’s plane here, considering it kind of sounded like both.”

He continued, “I’m thesping we’re going to be having increasingly conversations that I’m going to have to have. It’s just going to be weird. I don’t know what to tell you. Coming into this experience, I told myself that I was over her. But stuff when here now with her there, I don’t want to mislead you in specimen I’m not. I moreover don’t want this to potentially ruin your chances here if this just ends up getting too messy and you’re uncomfortable.”

Serena was hesitant without hearing that, but Joe unpreventable her that he was all-in on their relationship. “I don’t know what’s going to happen,” he said. “It’s going to be weird, but right now, you are my main priority. I really, really like you and I want to see where this goes.” Serena double-checked with Joe that he was 100 percent over Kendall, and he insisted that he was. She moreover asked him to be completely honest with her if that changes at any point in the process, and they well-set to protract seeing where their relationship would go.

However, she was still a little yellow-eyed and upset well-nigh the situation. “I finger so vulnerable to getting hurt now,” she admitted, while wiping yonder tears in a confessional. “I don’t see myself walking away. That leaves the wittiness in his court. That’s really scary.”

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