Christy Carlson Romano Claims Katy Perry Stole HER Record Contract!

Christy Carlson Romano is spilling yet flipside cup of tea well-nigh her misadventures in showbiz, and this time she’s naming names!

As we’ve been reporting, the Disney Channel licentiate is turning her YouTube waterworks into a treasure trove of gossip from her life and career. She’s previously talked well-nigh why she no longer speaks with former castmate Shia LaBeouf and pretty much revealed who her now-famous upper school bully was.

Now, CCR is reflecting on her ill-fated stint in the music industry, which she says crumbled without none other than Katy Perry took her record deal!

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As the 37-year-old actress explained, she tried to unravel into the music biz without a stint playing Belle in Beauty And The Beast on Broadway. Originally, Christy signed a deal with Jason Flom, who was an executive with Atlanta Records at the time.

While the deal was dropped when he left the label, Flom tabbed Christy to work then when he landed a new gig at Virgin Records, and he paired the starlet with a group named The Matrix, which works with aspiring singers in hopes of producing a hit single.

At the time, The Matrix was moreover working with flipside aspiring versifier who fans would later know as Katy Perry. Christy said The Matrix had offered her a few songs they were willing to work with her on, including a track titled Just A Song, which theoretically featured Katy singing on the demo. The actress explained:

“I don’t know if that song had been out somehow or circulated, but it wasn’t anything that anyone knew from her, right?”

After noting that fans could unquestionably hear both versions of the song on the internet, the Even Stevens licentiate made sure to praise Katy’s vocal talents, sharing:

“I love her voice. She’s got range for days. She’s got texture. I think she’s amazing.”

Here’s where things get interesting…

Christy decided to take The Matrix up on their offer and record the song in hopes that Virgin would sign her. Around the same time, she went to a dinner with a group of songwriters and musicians — including Katy. When they were introduced, Christy said she made a point to tell the future superstar how impressed she was with her voice, recalling:

“It was like ‘Katy, I just wanna say hello and I wanna tell you that I think you’re so awesome, and I just love your voice so much.’”

She noted that Katy did not have a record deal at the time and was “bouncing around” from place to place, adding:

“From what I was told, she was really, really looking for a deal. But I didn’t superintendency well-nigh that considering see, I didn’t see it as a competitive thing. I just appreciated her voice so much.”

That’s when Christy made a potentially career-killing move. She explained:

“So I told her ‘hey, I have a minutiae deal with Jason Flom. I know that you might’ve like known him or something like that. I was given this song by The Matrix, and I put my voice on it, and I’m just really, really excited.’”

But her excitement faded well-nigh a month later. As fate would have it, Christy was told she didn’t get the deal — but Perry did! Pondering if the California Gurls singer may have pounced on her deal with Jason, the actress said:

“So there you go guys.  That’s the tea. I don’t know if she was just using her sense to say to herself, ‘Wow Jason is in the market for this kind of voice.’ Or maybe she had a conversation that had once started with him.”


While discussing the music industry as a whole, Christy said she felt like Katy was unquestionably her “direct competition” for the record contract, explaining:

“Does it matter? Not really, but I will say this.  Record companies take on increasingly than a few kind of singer. So that meant she was my uncontrived competition, if you will, in the running spot for Jason to rent or take on someone for that record contract.”

Makes sense!

In the end, though, Christy made it well-spoken that Katy was destined for stardom either way without seeing all the success the songstress has had over the years. She concluded:

“There are veritably no ill feelings to this girl at all. I love her voice, as I said, and ultimately I’m really, really happy that I’m, not a recording artist… This is a person, Katy Perry, who has secure her life to her craft. She veritably deserved that record contract increasingly than I did.”

Sounds like everything worked out for the weightier at the end of the day! But imagine if things turned out differently. Could you picture Christy Carlson Romano as a bona fide pop star, Perezcious readers? Watch her full story (below) and share your thoughts in the comments.

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