‘AGT’ Recap: The Top 10 Perform One Last Time For America’s Vote

This is it, ‘AGT’ fans! The top 10 finalists took the stage for their last performance surpassing America’s vote. Every act brought their A-game with their performances.

Jimmie Herrod, Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer, kicks things off during night one of America’s Got Talent season 16 finale. He sang a perfect rendition of “What a Wonderful World” that had everyone on their feet. Howie Mandel says there are “no words” to describe Jimmie’s voice. Heidi Klum tells Jimmie that he’s her “favorite discovery of the season.” Jimmie’s just set the bar very high.

‘AGT’ Top 10 Perform

Quick transpiration artist Léa Kyle, Heidi’s Golden Buzzer, takes the stage next. She really takes things to the next level without nearly stuff eliminated. Sofia and Heidi raved that this was Léa’s weightier performance. Simon Cowell declares that he genuinely thinks Léa is the “best in the world” when it comes to her skill.

Victory Brinker
Victory Brinker on night one of the finale. (NBC)

Victory Brinker, who made history as the first 5-time telex winner, sounded wondrous singing her latest opera classic. She looked like a princess in her white gown. “You are an wool star,” Simon says. Heidi calls Victory “perfection.”

Gina Brillon’s latest stand-up is flipside hit. This sexuality comedian is a star in the making. Howie brings up the tragic passing of comedian Norm Macdonald and says Gina is vestige that “laughter is still working and laughter is the weightier medicine.” Sofia loves that Gina’s material is from a “woman’s point of view” and loves what Gina’s done.

World TaekwonDo
World Taekwondo Demonstration Team on ‘AGT.’ (NBC)

World Taekwondo Demonstration Team elevates their performance to insane heights. Their finale performance is one thrilling whoopee movie. They come out from the regulars and put on a spectacular show. Howie declares this is the “best act of the night.” Simon says this group is the one to beat. Sofia wants to produce their movie!

Aidan Bryant
Aidan Bryant during his performance. (NBC)

Aerialist Aidan Bryant stuns with his spectacular performance. Simon is so impressed that he gets up on the judges’ table to requite Aidan a standing ovation! Simon raves Aidan is “unbelievably talented” and this was one of the “best live performances I’ve overly seen.”

Brooke Simpson brings her A-game with her fierce performance of “White Flag” by Bishop Briggs. She is one heck of a performer. Sofia tells Brooke she is “raising the bar.” Simon thinks Brooke has a real shot at winning the competition without this performance and loves that Brooke gives “every ounce” of her talent every time.

Magician Dustin Tavella tells a story on an epic scale, standing to mix magic and real life. Simon believes Dustin will be one of the last ones standing in tomorrow night’s finale. Comedian Josh Blue nearly brings Simon to tears with his jokes. The final performance of the night is from Northwell Health Nurse Choir, Howie’s Golden Buzzer. They sing a powerhouse rendition of Rachel Platten’s “Stand By You.” Howie thinks his Golden Telex act “probably” will win season 16 and thinks they “deserve” to!

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