Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her Secret To Staying ‘Motivated’ At The Gym — Watch

On Sept. 15, J.Lo took to Instagram to share her secret to staying motivated at the gym while giving a glimpse of her incredible eyeful routine.

I think we can all stipulate that Jennifer Lopez, 52, looks incredible at all times. In a recent video posted on Instagram on September 15, the star revealed her secret to staying motivated at the gym.

The Maid in Manhattan star looked athletic-chic when she shared her motivation secrets in an Instagram video initially posted on the Instagram worth for her eyeful brand, JLo Beauty. The caption read, “Jennifer’s Post-Workout Routine Episode 1 #WORKOUTWEDNESDAY. Exercise is essential in @JLo’s life (flashback to THAT VMA look) but, just like her skincare routine, it’s all well-nigh consistency. Which products pull the weight and leave her skin with that iconic post-workout glow?” 

Mixing repletion with chic, the star wore a skimpy and low-cut white bra top, and lounge pants, the star took the new video from inside her bathroom. Her hair was pulled when in a messy bun for the short prune where she discussed how she stays ‘motivated’ for the gym.

The mother-of-two moreover mentioned that she never leaves the house without some makeup on and goes out of her way to wear ‘cute outfits’ to the gym to ‘motivate’ herself. “I can’t leave the house without lip gloss and mascara, and honestly, I put the booster on my cheeks too, yeah I put it on, I want to squint good when I squint into the mirror,” the Hustlers star added.

Then the Bronx native plugged in her own skincare line by revealing that she loves the J.Lo Eyeful cleanser considering it ‘tightens and hydrates,’ and uses it to wash her squatter without each workout. “After I work out and I am a little sweaty and dirty, I take my cleanser, it is made to take off all the makeup, dirt, and oils,’ she said as she washed her squatter for her followers as she then proceeded to go through her skincare routine.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez took to Instagram to dish on a few of her eyeful secrets while sharing her ‘motivation’ for the gym. CGMIA, LFMIA/MEGA

Undoubtedly JLo has a unrepealable glow from within, but it’s nonflexible to tell if it’s from her motivation and skincare regimen or her rekindled romance with Ben Affleck, 49. Since the pair have reunited, the duo have been all smiles and enjoying every minute of it. The lovebirds recently made their first red carpet visitation as a new couple at the Venice Mucosa Festival on September 10 while peekaboo the premiere of Ben’s new film, The Last Duel. Naturally, they both looked veritably wondrous as they kissed each other on the red carpet. The two have not been worldly-wise to take their vision off each other and they’re loving every minute of it. To be honest, so are we!

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