‘The Resident’ EP Talks Conrad’s Future, An ‘Explosive’ Reunion & The ‘Delicate’ Nic Situation

‘The Resident’ kicked off season 5 with Conrad juggling stuff a father and a doctor. HL got EXCLUSIVE scoop from the show’s EP well-nigh the Nic situation, Devon and Leela’s relationship, and more.

The Resident season 5 is going to full-length major changes for everyone. The premiered featured Conrad was on daddy and doctor duty while Nic was yonder at a spa retreat. Devon and Leela couldn’t pension their hands off each other, and all the doctors rallied together without a ransomware wade shut lanugo Chastain’s computers.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with executive producer Andrew Chapman well-nigh what’s in store for Conrad this season as he struggles with work-life balance. He moreover weighed in well-nigh the “complicated” situation in the wake of reports Emily VanCamp is leaving the show. Andrew spilled increasingly scoop well-nigh Devon and Leela, AJ, a possible Kit and Bell romance, and more.

Matt Czuchry
Conrad and Nic in season 4. (FOX)

Conrad is in full dad mode but moreover has a very taxing job. Over the undertow of season 5, what kinds of challenges is he going to squatter as he juggles the demands of both those very important things in his life?
Andrew Chapman: This is a unconfined question. The whole season in a way thematically is well-nigh work-life wastefulness and that idea that I think all of us have been sort of wrestling with over the undertow of the pandemic when we’re all shut in our rooms and shut in our houses. We can’t unquestionably go to work, we’re working on the phone, and we’re sitting around. We’re like, what are we doing? What’s the future and why am I going to work? What’s my purpose in life? I finger like there are all these existential questions that we’ve been asking ourselves, and that’s kind of what we’re going to be asking all through the undertow of this season. Stuff a doctor is so nonflexible and so time-consuming and so energy-consuming. And yet, all of our notation have love lives and some of them have families. Certainly, Conrad has this kid, so we really are going to swoop into how you juggle those things, how Conrad, who is this heroic diagnostician and a master diagnostician, how is he going to save lives and moreover devote himself to his family. It’s really important and we’re going to swoop into it fully in a big soap way but moreover in a small, really human, family connection way. I think this is really going to resonate with our regulars considering I think it’s in the zeitgeist in America right now.

We did hear Nic at the very whence of the episode. She was going off to a spa retreat. Will we see her then this season?
Andrew Chapman: I can’t really talk well-nigh that. We’ll definitely hear from her. She will be at the spa retreat. She’s coming home. That’s really all I can say. It’s a little soft-hued on that particular question. As friends and as people working towards a worldwide goal, can we not talk well-nigh that considering it’s complicated.

Totally understand. On flipside note, Devon and Leela are very hot and heavy, as we see in the premiere. Is this honeymoon stage going to last very long?
Andrew Chapman: It will have its ups and downs. We really want to play it as having ups and downs. We love Anuja [Joshi], the actress who plays Leela. We think that she just pops off the screen. We love the relationship she has with Devon. But again, to swoop into that whole work-life wastefulness thing, how do you have a love life with a co-worker? Is that appropriate? How do you, expressly as a woman? She is slightly subordinate to Devon, who has been virtually a while and is a resident many years past her. She wants to stand out as powerful and self-sustaining on her own, so that’s going to raise questions. That’s going to requite us some really fun interesting soap to play with, and we want to go there. So the wordplay is, watch and see. You will not be disappointed. We’re not going to let that drop. We’re going to have fun with that and we want to be true to the notation on that considering we finger like both Devon and Leela are strong-willed, self-sustaining notation who together make a unconfined whole, and independently they’re pretty great, too.

We did see that she’s this really incredible artist. Will we protract to learn increasingly well-nigh her as the season goes forward?
Andrew Chapman: Yes. We have a huge, fun, super hilarious, unconfined surprise coming for her a couple of episodes in that no one will see coming, and everyone will be really happy with. We’ll learn all well-nigh her and her family, her mother and father and sister. We love Leela. We think that she’s just this spectacular wing to the cast. We’re going to swoop deep there, and we’ll be surprised and amused.

Jessica Lucas
Billie with Trevor, the son she gave up for adoption. (FOX)

Billie’s son is coming into the picture, and we know the two-face who’s going to play him. What is that reunion going to squint like and how will it impact Billie going forward?
Andrew Chapman: The reunion happens in the next episode, and it’ll be a surprise to her. It will be a surprise when you realize who it is in the show. You will be tickled again. But the guy who plays Trevor, Miles Fowler, who is Billie’s son, he’s spectacular. He really holds the screen, and the intro is going to be really fun. Their relationship is going to be incredibly complicated. To have someone that you gave up for adoption show when up in your life when you are really crazy well-nigh having that person show up in your life is going to rationalization all kinds of left turns for Billie. Trevor is subversive. He pokes the withstand all the time, and he doesn’t requite up poking the bear, and that is going to be really explosive between the two of them. I will say, in a little bit of a tease going forward, he is moreover going to establish a mentor relationship with flipside doctor in the hospital. I won’t say who, but he will and that’s going to be a unconfined pairing going forward.

At the end of the episode, there’s a moment between Bell and Kit. There was a look. A lot of people have seen the chemistry between the two of them. There’s just something between them. Is that something that you will explore? Is anything off the table when it comes to Bell and Kit?
Andrew Chapman: Nothing is off the table. I think that they’re super fan favorites. They’re just wonderful, dignified, slightly older notation that show that you can still work and age in this world and have nobility and power and to be in love, too. We definitely like that relationship. By the way, Jane Leeves and Bruce Greenwood venerate working with each other. Maybe I’m just reaching deep into the past, but the Nick and Nora Charles relationship in The Thin Man books and The Thin Man movies, old movies from the 1930s and 40s, they were such a sophisticated, fun, older couple. We unchangingly think of that. The two of them are just quick, witty dialogue and teasing and flirting. We love playing with it, so there’s definitely a future there.

It sounds like the ultimate will-they-or-won’t-they?
Andrew Chapman: Exactly. And in a unconfined way. Also, there’s a lot in store for Bell this season. There’s a lot in store for his character. There’s a lot of temptation, There’s a lot of redemption. We love Bruce and we love his weft and we really want to play that.

AJ has had a lot of changes in his life over the past season. What can you say well-nigh his arc in season 5?
Andrew Chapman: His arc will definitely be moving past what happened with Mina. His mom was sick last season, and he’s going to superintendency for her still and that will play into the future. When he had his relationship with Mina, there was definitely a softer, teddy withstand side of AJ, but we moreover really love the growling, slightly full of himself weft that is Raptor. We definitely miss him in that way and that swellheadedness and that superiority and his knowingness. That’s unchangingly been fun, and it was such a unconfined introduction to the weft to uncork with. We may be getting when to that a little bit, so you see him for the fun weft that we have come to love.

Malcolm Jamal Warner
Malcolm-Jamal Warner as AJ. (FOX)

Morris Chestnut is currently starring in Our Kind Of People. Will he pop up then in season 5?
Andrew Chapman: That is under discussion. We’re trying to make it work. It’s sort of an inside baseball scheduling issue. We love Morris. If he doesn’t show when up then in season 5, then he’ll show when up then in season 6 considering we want him on the show. He’s such a unconfined two-face with a unconfined presence. In fact, he tabbed me just surpassing we got on this phone call. I was like, ‘Morris, I gotta undeniability you when considering I’m well-nigh to get on presser.’ We will find a way to put him when on this show. It’s a little complicated, given that he’s on a show on the same network, so we can’t really do that at the word-for-word same time. But by vaccinate or by crook we will find a way to put Morris when in this show.

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