Immerse into the world of art, food and comedy with Dali and the Cocky Prince starring Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young

Dali and the Cocky Prince is the newest wing to the wall of delightful Korean dramas. It has unprotected sustentation since the posters were released, owing to the quirky looking weft details. The drama premiered on September 22, 2021. Park Gyu Young and Kim Min Jae star as the leads Kim Da Li and Jin Moo Hak in Dali and the Cocky Prince. Park Gyu Young was recently seen in the drama The Devil Judge. Kim Min Jae was last seen in the drama Do You Like Brahms? The two have been paired up for the first time, and the makers did a right choice. The lead duo shows a perfect onscreen chemistry and the scenes finger natural when they are on screen.

Immerse into the world of art, supplies and spectacle with Dali and the Cocky Prince starring Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young

Dali and the Cocky Prince’s Korean title translates to Da Li and Gamjatang. Now, Gamjatang is a Korean curry womanliness made from potatoes and meat, among other ingredients. We moreover find Kim Min Jae holding a pot of potatoes and a ladle in one of the weft promo posters. That poster is a uncontrived nod to his onscreen weft who is an expert at cooking, withal with stuff a smart businessman. The sexuality lead Kim Da Li gets her name from the famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali. Coming from a family that has appreciated art and moreover owns an art museum, her eccentric name comes as a small surprise.  The title plays at the tie-up of supplies and art, that would take place as the story remoter develops. The drama boasts of magnificent art and enticing food, and its title is a straight reference to the delectable visuals one can expect in the drama.

On one hand, we have Kim Da Li who is nothing short of an art prodigy, and on the other hand we have Jin Moo Hak, the loud-mouthed director of a supplies uniting business. The said supplies uniting merchantry has risen from stuff a small Gamjatang restaurant, to a huge conglomerate. The Jin family is what one can undeniability ‘new money’. Da Li is well-versed and very much immersed in the world of art, pursuing her research at the Saint Müller Museum in Netherlands. The notation are winsome in their own right, Da Li is smart but moreover a little naïve, and Moo Hak comes wideness as a show-off, but is a cinnamon roll from the inside. Speaking of Netherlands, the picturesque European municipality has served as the meet-cute location for our leads. Both our leads are introduced using the themes of supplies and art, and it moreover provides glimpses into their on-screen personalities.

Coming to the verisimilitude palette, the show boasts of a unexceptionable visual treat. Right from the costumes, to the architecture, the makers have gone to an uneaten length to present a delightful repast for the viewers’ eyes. The frames exude beauty, money, and peerage finger right from the first minute. The scene editing did finger choppy at unrepealable places, expressly the one where Da Li’s father is in a meeting with Jin Ki Chul, Moo Hak’s stepbrother. Da Li’s father goes out to meet his nephew, and suddenly we are brought to a scene where Ki Chul is sweating profusely without having witnessed something heinous happening between them.

This brings us to the element of mystery in the drama. Da Li’s father was unimpaired and hearty one day, and suddenly we find out that he has passed away. His death is a mystery and his nephew has a pivotal role to play there. Da Li’s father sudden demise propels the story remoter ahead, developing increasingly ground for our leads to interact, but this time when in their homeland South Korea. It moreover gives the regulars something increasingly to squint forward to, in wing to the chemistry developing between our winsome leads. There’s moreover some history between Jang Tae Jinand Da Li, as it was hinted that they were supposed to get married, but sooner didn’t. We are moreover introduced to several other equally quirky and head-strong supporting notation who are tropical to the leads.

Lastly, no drama is well-constructed without a dashing share of OST and Dali and the Cocky Prince is no less. Suiting to the theme of food, art, and love, the drama showcased its first OST ‘The Sweetest Love’ sung by Ham Yon Ji. The song fits the budding love story between the leads perfectly. It is sweet, it is quirky, and it is captures the innocence of the story.

The episode 2 of Dali and the Cocky Prince left the regulars with much to squint forward to on several fronts. There will be romantic minutiae between the leads, ofcourse with a touch of humour and flair. The preview shows Moo Hak in a dilemma of not falling for a person who is moreover your debtor, and then we have Da Li is who is sweet as overly with her approach. There is moreover increasingly to see as to what future holds for the Cheongsang Museum of Art.

Overall, Dali and the Cocky Prince is a delightful drama. The story holds promise of a good chemistry between the leads, and zaftig progression points to pension the viewers hooked.



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