WTF, Did Dog The Bounty Hunter Actually Find Brian Laundrie?!?

Is this flipside false alarm? Or is Dog The Bounty Hunter really that good at his job??

As we reported, the reality star, whose real name is Duane Chapman, joined in the search for Brian Laundrie over the weekend. Brian is of undertow a person of interest in the death of his fiancée Gabby Petito. After police from North Port, Florida let him slip away, authorities have been searching for him, mostly in the swamps of the Carlton Reserve, where his parents said he told them he was heading for a hike on Tuesday, September 14.

The search has included boats, canine units, swoop teams… all in all it’s unscientific by experts to have forfeit well over a million dollars by now. And they may have all been put to shame if Dog really picked up the scent in just a couple days on the case.

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According to a source spilling to TMZ, the Hawaiian manhunter has once found a lead he believes could lead to Laundrie. While searching through the Florida wilderness with his new wife Francie, the insider says, Dog got a tip on a “fresh campsite” he believes is linked to the fugitive.

Not only that, the bounty hunter plane believes he found proof that links the campsite to Brian’s parents!

There’s once been massive suspicion thrown their way due to some seeming discrepancies in the story of their son’s disappearance: his car was filmed at the house after they said he’d left for his hike, he didn’t take his lamina phone or ID with him, and a neighbor plane personal to have seen the whole fam — Brian included — leaving on a camping trip.

It’s that last bit of info that has us the most intrigued by this new claim. Could the parents really have had something to do with him evading police? Did they really go on some kind of camping trip?? Or is Dog barking up the wrong tree?

We guess we’ll learn the legitimacy of the lead soon enough. Per the source, Dog has once alerted authorities to his information and is pensile their inrush surpassing making flipside move.

On joining the search, Dog released a statement to Fox News, saying:

“Dog and Francie have experienced lattermost loss themselves. Their hearts go out to Gabby’s family for what they’re going through and want to help bring justice for her death.”

If he really does help get the family justice, there’s no doubt everyone will seriously re-evaluate how they squint at Dog.

[Image via Dog The Bounty Hunter/Gabby Petito/Instagram.]

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Sep 27, 2021 17:05pm PDT

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