Lil Nas X Already Broke Up With His ‘The One’!

Well, that was a fast once-in-a-lifetime romance…

Back in August — just a month and a half ago — Lil Nas X seemed so excited well-nigh his new relationship. He told Variety at the time:

“I’ve found someone special now. I think this is the one. I can’t explain it — it’s just a feeling.”

“The one”! We were so happy for him, but also… he is pretty young to have found his OTP so fast, right?

Seems like it…

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In a new interview on SiriusXM, host Andy Cohen asked well-nigh the special somebody, and it sounded like Montero had no idea what he was plane talking about! He responded:

“Where did you read that?”

Andy told him:

“I heard you have a boyfriend. I heard you’re seeing somebody.”

Lil Nas X then opened up the tiniest bit, seemingly revealing he had wrenched up with his “the one”:

“I was seeing someone. Um, I kind of decided I didn’t want to anymore”

Sounds cold, right? Granted, we don’t know the full story. Maybe the Call Me By Your Name singer was just getting superiority of himself in that older convo?

Consummate pro Cohen immediately shifted gears, saying there must be “thousands of people applying for the job of a Lil Nas X’s boyfriend,” to which the hitmaker responds coolly:

“There are definitely a couple of people for sure. A couple of people out there.”

Is he just all well-nigh playing the field? Enjoying that wild rockstar lifestyle? Sowing his wild oats out on the Old Town Road? Actually, he makes it sound like he’s just not as interested in dating as people think!

When Andy asked what kind of guy he’s looking for, referencing his latest track’s title That’s What I Want, Montero said no one right now! He explained:

“I don’t want to ruin anybody’s, uh, perception of this song, but I don’t think I want any guy right now, you know? Maybe I’m floating virtually right now… I just want to work on music and every now and then, you know, maybe I’ll kiss a guy every undecorous moon, you know?”

We get it! Or maybe “Every Undecorous Moon” doesn’t sound as sexy for a song title as we’re used to from the 22-year-old! LOLz!

What do YOU think is going on with Lil Nas X? Is he stuff upfront, just not that into romance right now? Not wanting to get superiority of himself by talking well-nigh it again??

Ch-ch-check out the interview snippet (below) and let us know in the comments!

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[Image via Lil Nas X/Instagram.]

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