Boston Ballet Star Dusty Button Accused Of Helping Her Husband Sexually Assault Young Dancers

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A former principal dancer of the Boston Ballet has been accused withal with her husband of sexually assaulting several other dancers.

According to People, a previous lawsuit filed in the US District Magistrate in Nevada over the summer initially stated that Mitchell Taylor Button used “his position of power and influence in the waltz world to sexually vituperate young dancers wideness the country.” However, an updated complaint filed last week has now moreover named his wife, hoofer Dusty Button.

In the magistrate documents, at least five dancers say Mitchell sexually longwinded them with the help of Dusty. A dancer who filed the initial complaint, Sage Humphries, personal she was groomed and repeatedly raped by the waltz instructor while Dusty held her lanugo when she was just an workmen with the Boston Ballet.

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Another hoofer who was identified as Jane Doe 100 said she was promised by the Buttons that they would make her a “star” when she met them as a minor. Then, she claims, the couple got her drunk at a party one night and brought her when to their suite into “a room that had a mattress on the floor and an storehouse of guns hanging on the wall.” Dusty then tangibly restrained Jane while Mitchell sexually assaulted her.

And that’s not all. Mitchell has moreover been accused of abusing several young students from a Florida studio, including Gina Menichino, who so-called that he sexually assaulted her when she was 13 while they were sharing a wrap and watching a movie with other students. She previously told The New York Times well-nigh the incident:

“The whole game was to pension him happy. Don’t get him angry, or I was unworthy, and I would lose my waltz career.”

Mitchell plane tangibly penned a love letter to an unnamed minor at one point, saying:

“God sent you to make to make up for my lack of family. I could never love then so much as I love you, where you end and I uncork is like a river flowing through. Take my heart, take my soul, I need them no more, if never then they fall upon the one I so adore. You’re trappy inside and out, and are going to be so unconfined as you grow. Never forget that no matter what, I’ll never love you less than I do today.”


The Buttons’ lawyer Marc John Randazza has since denied the allegations, telling Fox News in an email:

“Our position remains the same. We squint forward to transplanting both of their names in court.”

According to People, Randazza previously filed a motion to dismiss the original case, ultimatum that the allegations made “were written to make the printing interested in this specimen and to enflame the wrongness of anyone who reads the complaint.” However, a judge denied it since plane increasingly people have since come forward with their horrifying experiences.

This is all just vastitude messed up. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

[Image via Dusty Button/YouTube]

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Oct 01, 2021 12:30pm PDT

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