Bam Margera Reveals Loved One Got Him Sent To Rehab Over Disturbing Photo & Self-Harm Threat

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Last week, Bam Margera was taken to rehab without police were alerted of an “emotionally distressed person” in Florida. Now, he’s opening up well-nigh what he believes led to that uniting of events.

While speaking to TMZ on Monday, the former Jackass star revealed he had been photographed at a casino with a drink in his hand. He thinks a loved one must have seen that picture and immediately worried, calling authorities for help.

The Jackass licentiate moreover admitted that the same loved one told authorities that he had threatened to jump off of a bridge, something he now insists was a misunderstanding. Still, makes perfect sense why someone would be concerned! That is nothing to joke virtually about.

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As for how his mental health has been doing lately, the reality TV star told the outlet he had once spent 140 days in a rehabilitation facility in Arizona for his manic bipolar disorder. He explained he was released from inpatient superintendency and transferred to an outpatient facility in Florida, where he continues to take daily outpatient classes. So… What was he doing at a casino? And why was a loved one so worried they reached out to the police surpassing him??

Again, the 42-year-old insisted that was a misunderstanding. He was supposedly at the casino while ownership time surpassing picking up his wife Nicole Boyd and their three-year-old son Phoenix at the airport without their flight was delayed. He presumes a fan snapped a photo and that alerted his unnamed loved one.

Hmm… That subtitle definitely doesn’t wordplay all our questions well-nigh the incident, but it’s a start.

As we mentioned, last week, the skateboarder was seen in the “back of a police car” leaving Don CeSar Resort Hotel in St. Pete Beach. Authorities were alerted of an “emotionally distressed person” via a phone undeniability on Sunday morning. While he was not arrested, “deputies were given the heads up well-nigh a magistrate order directing Bam to go to rehab,” equal to the outlet.

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Of course, it was a noticeable encounter given Bam has faced a stint of legal troubles this past year. He is currently duking it out in magistrate with his former Jackass colleagues pursuit a rehab stay he says they forced him to well-constructed in order to sign on for Jackass 4. He has moreover spoken out versus a “wellness agreement” he signed with the creators that attempted to tenancy his tendency struggles and erratic policies while filming. He described it as “the definition of f**king torture.”

After going withal with the terms, the stunt performer was ultimately fired for breaking the contract. The director of the film, Jeff Tremaine, later had a restraining order filed versus Margera without he threatened his family. This magistrate order makes it substantially untellable for him to participate in the franchise since Jeff has directed or produced most of the content in the past, and the restraining order lasts for three years. In response, Bam has filed a lawsuit versus Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine, Spike Jonze, Paramount Pictures, MTV, Dickhouse Entertainment, and Gorilla Flicks.

Meanwhile, his wife filed for full custody of their child in September (though she has not made any effort to divorce him yet). So, there has been a lot going on in his life and plenty of reasons for a loved one to be concerned. We’re glad to hear he is doing okay. If anything, he’s lucky he has someone watching over his health so closely! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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