Billionaire John Paulson Ran Off With A Young Fitness Influencer — And His Wife Had To Learn About It On The Internet!

You may not know billionaire John Paulson. He’s not exactly a household name.

In short (or should we say in Big Short), he’s one of those a-holes who got rich betting versus the housing market surpassing the financial slipperiness of 2008. He moreover served for a short time as an economic tipster to Donald Trump. Frankly, if you have heard of him it’s probably considering of the complaint letter he wrote to his kids’ peerage Spence School weeping well-nigh the “anti-white indoctrination” in their curriculum, a very minor controversy last year. Sounds like a unconfined guy, right?

Well, if you think he sounds like a grade-A wiggle already, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet!

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Last month Page Six published a report well-nigh how the NYC-based hedge funder had suddenly filed for divorce from his wife of 21 years, Jenny Paulson. The story was mostly intriguing due to the money involved; John didn’t have $4.7 billion when they got married and may never have expected to — so the couple never got a prenup. With high-priced lawyers getting loaded for bear, it was once a real juicy bit of gossip among the two-comma crowd.

However, they moreover learned within hours that the “irreconcilable differences” the 65-year-old had referred to on his divorce filing had a name: Alina de Almeida.

According to the outlet’s source, not only was he secretly dating the 33-year-old fitness influencer, he was running yonder with her! Just days without the story broke, the couple flew to Lake Como to flaunt their relationship at the wedding of Blackstone exec Mark Mofatt and Sarah Mintz!

Did we say secretly dating? Increasingly like secretly everything. The unshortened thing was reportedly kept quiet from his wife — including the plan to end the marriage!

Obviously she knew things weren’t perfect, but so far as she knew “they were working on their marriage” — and the filing came as a well-constructed shock, as a source tropical to Jenny spilled to the outlet on Tuesday:

“John did not tell her. She had no idea he was planning to file for divorce. She only found out that he had filed when Page Six published their story — she never saw it coming.”

She had to find out online? WTF?! But not just well-nigh the divorce… She didn’t know well-nigh the younger model either! The insider claimed:

“Jenny did not know well-nigh Alina at all until the vendible was published in Page Six of the New York Post with her photo.”

Wow. To add insult to injury, it seems she was the last in her neighborhood to find out. Sources told the gossip site the billionaire and the dietician had been spotted virtually the Hamptons throughout the summer. Apparently Jenny and the couple’s daughters, Giselle and Danielle, had moreover been with him in the Hamptons all summer!

They plane took a family trip together in August to the Salzburg Music Festival in Austria — just a month surpassing he pulled the rug out from under her! Per Page Six‘s source:

“The family was all together and happy in Austria and there was no sign of anything unwont — yet four weeks later John filed for divorce.”

And the source insists “it’s plane worse” than people think. See, quite a few in their social sphere got the hint John was leaving Jenny without he took Alina as his stage to the Manhattan Institute’s 2021 Alexander Hamilton Award Dinner on September 10, a few days surpassing the divorce filing. Apparently Alina spoke openly well-nigh their relationship. Many naturally unsupportable the married couple were once over overdue sealed doors, and this was his coming out party. But the insider claims:

“Jenny didn’t know well-nigh that event, she didn’t know that John was there and that he had invited Alina.”

Oof. Leaving for a younger woman without two decades was bad enough, but to not plane have the decency to tell her to her face? EVER?! Gross.

As the source put it:

“He has made it so humiliating considering of his unseemly speed of taking a girlfriend and filing for a divorce so quickly without a good summer, with no whop notice or plane courtesy. It’s unseemly and disrespectful that he couldn’t wait.”

Obviously that isn’t the weightier PR for John, who would probably have been happy for her to pension quiet well-nigh how much he hurt her. But the insider is here to sieve the situation for the magistrate of public opinion:

“The unveiled narrative that Jenny was enlightened they were in a dysfunctional and loveless marriage and knew well-nigh John’s need to find happiness in a young woman half his age is simply a fiction.”

The source continued:

“Any remoter unveiled narrative that she was okay with his cheating, that she was willing to squint the other way, is false. She was shocked at the relationship that was first revealed to her in The Post. Plane increasingly shocking is that he is old unbearable to be this girl’s father.”

It’s not the most drastic age gap we’ve heard of, and they’re obviously both adults. But doing it overdue his wife’s back? Nothing can excuse that. The insider says Jenny agrees:

“Jenny felt this policies is both disrespectful and horrifying to a wife of 21 years, who you’ve known for 27, 28 years and with whom you have two kids.”

Can’t oppose with that!

The source moreover pointed out the 50-year-old was nothing but loyal:

“Jenny has unchangingly been faithful. She’s from a Romanian family that taught her moral values, meaning fidelity, not infidelity. It ways truth, not hiding. She had no idea that he had secretly taken up with a woman who could be his daughter, making the pain plane worse.”

Hmm. Does anyone else get the feeling the multibillion dollar divorce proceedings have once begun, and we’re all jurors right now??

[Image via Joel Ginsburg/WENN/Alina de Almeida/Instagram.]

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