Chelsea Handler & Jo Koy Reveal How They Fell In Love After A Years-Long Friendship!

Chelsea Handler has fallen throne over heels in love with Jo Koy — at least that’s how it sounds on her podcast, Dear Chelsea!

On Thursday, the comedienne released the first episode of Season 2 of her podcast, in which she was joined by her new boyfriend! Together, the love birds detailed how they got out of the friend zone and what makes them such a unconfined match.

As Chelsea Lately fans remember, Jo was a regular on the show (which ran from 2007 to 2014). So they’ve had plenty of time to get to know each other surpassing sparks flew. Plane though they’ve unchangingly been friends, they did fall out of touch a bit… but a request during the pandemic sent their relationship in a whole new direction!

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Koy revealed that he asked Chelsea to write a blurb for his typesetting Mixed Plate during the COVID-19 shutdown. The request happily turned into lots of texting, FaceTimes, and plane COVID-safe in-person hangouts! Cute!

But, of course, they were still just friends. Then they got separated then when Jo headed to Vancouver to shoot a movie and Chelsea went to Whistler, Canada for the ski season. Without just reconnecting, they had to go flipside FOUR months without seeing each other. We guess sparsity made the heart grow fonder, considering when they did get when together…

They went on a dinner date! Koy recalled:

“The minute we were both when in L.A., we were like, ‘Let’s go to dinner.’”

From that moment on, love blossomed “organically,” equal to the podcast host. The 46-year-old didn’t plane realize she’d fallen for her old pal until she got when on stage in Las Vegas for her first major show since quarantine. Jo had tagged withal to support her and she unprotected herself realizing something had shifted in her feelings! Once when in El Lay, she made the first move on the 50-year-old, and they’ve been together overly since — aww!!

While it wasn’t love at first sight, they both well-set they had “amazing” chemistry from the start. Chelsea explained:

“You thought that chemistry was sexual and I thought it was comedic.”

LOLz!! Jo interjected, adding:

“Never overly did I overly say that!”

The Chelsea Does licentiate admitted she probably had feelings for the comedian from day one but was likely “suppressing” those feelings. Something she now thinks was a good thing, she mused:

“I was just not in touch with myself to understand. I knew I liked talking with you and having you in my life considering you’re positive and upbeat. It’s infectious and I loved all of that. But I wasn’t like, ‘Oh my God!’ This desire to have something happen, not at all. By the way, who gives a s**t? Look where we are now. I would’ve ruined it if I had those feelings earlier, probably.”

A unconfined point! It unmistakably wasn’t meant to be romantic when they first met, and they could have ruined chances at a happily overly without by rushing the process! Also, she wouldn’t have had the incredibly strong connection she has with the Metal Shop Masters host today if she didn’t take all that time just getting to know him on a friendship basis.

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The actress revealed she considers Jo “family” which helps her finger “so completely safe” with him. But there are moreover some other meaningful qualities that Jo brings to her life that she is grateful for. Reflecting on the loss of her brother Chet, who died when she was a kid, Chelsea said:

“You have a lot of similar qualities that my brother had. So, in many ways, I just finger so completely safe. And I finger like, ‘Oh, this is family.’ Like I’ve unchangingly felt that way well-nigh you, that you’re family.”


And she couldn’t help tease:

“I just didn’t want to f**k you before.”

The pair made their relationship IG official late last month without rumors began to swirl in August (when the pair was spotted at a Dodgers game together). At the time, the former talk show host posted a photo kissing her beau and wrote:

“He’s on tour, I’m on tour, sometimes we tour together. #VaccinatedAndHorny #FunnyIsFunny. All coming to a municipality near you!”

Since then, they’ve each uploaded numerous selfies and snapshots from their time together. They both seem so smitten — just trammels out their connection in a prune from the podcast (below, last slide)!!

We couldn’t be happier for Chelsea! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Chelsea Handler/Jo Koy/Instagram]

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