Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie Decided To Go On Road Trip After Their Wedding Got Delayed By COVID

The coronavirus has killed over 700k people in the US. But did the pandemic moreover lead, in a roundabout way, to the ultimate fate suffered by Gabby Petito?

The 22-year-old was on a cross-country road trip with Brian Laundrie when she disappeared. The couple took off in a van on July 2 for a tour of some of the most trappy spots virtually the country, something which they were documenting on their social media and in a new #VanLife-centric YouTube channel. As followers of the sad specimen know, the trip ended with Brian returning home in September with the van, but no Gabby. After a brief, harrowing search, her soul was found — and it was officially ruled a homicide. Laundrie, who refused from the start to cooperate with the investigation, is now seemingly on the run from the authorities in one of the most discussed manhunts in recent history.

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But theoretically all of that scrutinizingly never happened. Because the trip was not the original plan at all.

Gabby’s parents gave a group TV interview for Fox News on Thursday well-nigh their feelings on the case, their hopes for Brian to turn himself in, etc. Not too much increasingly than they had to say in their very unslanted Dr. Phil conversation.

But at one point, her stepfather Jim Schmidt revealed something really interesting, a sort of sliding doors moment for his late stepdaughter: the couple’s whole #VanLife road trip only happened in the first place as a sort of consolation prize.

Initially, he said, they had planned on getting married. However, plane the low-key waterfront wedding they wanted turned out to be too much of a danger in the age of COVID. So they “kind of put it on hold” and went on a sort of pre-honeymoon trip instead. It should have been a romantic bonding experience, but well, we all know how it turned out.

We can’t help but wonder if, had they been worldly-wise to have their dream wedding, things might have turned out differently. We still don’t know what happened in the end, obviously. But we do know Gabby and Brian had some serious relationship trouble while on the road, leading to a confrontation violent unbearable to get the police tabbed on them. We’ve moreover learned recently there were problems with money during their trip, something that can be extremely stressful.

Would Gabby be working now if they had never set off on that trip? Would marrying Brian have been any safer for her, though?

It’s all just speculation at this point… but let us know what YOU think in the comments (below).

[Image via Nomadic Statik/YouTube.]

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Oct 08, 2021 14:01pm PDT

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