Dog The Bounty Hunter Leaves Brian Laundrie Hunt After ‘Injuring His Ankle’

Is Dog The Bounty Hunter done?

When we first heard the reality star was jumping on the venery for Brian Laundrie, we were pretty skeptical. The whole thing frankly smelled like a publicity stunt.

But the progress made by Duane “Dog” Chapman was pretty quickly undeniable. It was his discovery of the Laundrie family’s campsite that forced their hand; their lawyer finally admitted they all went camping in the days between Brian getting home and the start of the official search for Gabby Petito. Heck, surpassing the weekend the poor girl’s soul was found, they seemed happy to requite law enforcement and printing exactly ZERO information. So got to requite it to Duane on this one.

However, the famed fugitive collector is theoretically giving up, at least on taking point that is. WFLA reporter Josh Benson got the scoop: this Dog won’t hunt. Why? Because he suffered an toddle injury, presumably from trudging through the treacherous Florida swamp.

Benson tweeted on Sunday:

“Just got an update from Dog the Bounty Hunter’s team. They say he’s headed when to Colorado soon to meet with his doctor without injuring his toddle in the search.”

Innerestingly, Dog’s team seemed to simultaneously offer a second subtitle for the manhunter’s transpiration of plans:

“He’s moreover raising funds to protract what he calls an ‘expensive search’.”

Huh. We were clued in early on in the search that the whole thing was an extremely pricy endeavor. We guess Dog was hoping for that mazuma whop from a reality TV deal to start tent things like hotels and fan-boat rentals.

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But it sounds like the search will continue?? Benson added:

“Team says he’s put together a talented network of local team members he calls the ‘Florida Team’ that will protract the search while he’s gone. He says he will protract to process leads in Colorado while he’s there.”

Dog’s non-estranged daughter Lyssa Chapman confirmed the news, as well as elaborating on her poppa’s new role coordinating the search from afar:

“Dad is headed when to Colorado temporarily to handle some business. ( Remember, he was in Florida on his honeymoon) We are still urgently searching for #BrianLaundrie, leaving a team in place in Florida. As always, whatever I can share with you, I will”

OK, is it just us, or do we now have three reasons Dog is stepping yonder from leading the search: injury, business/money issues, and his honeymoon with Francie Frane stuff over?

So it definitely wouldn’t have anything to do with the reports late last week that Dog is not licensed to reservation fugitives in Florida — and could plane be charged with kidnapping if he tried to bring in Brian??

We’re not saying Dog didn’t get an injury, but it does provide a good reason to requite up on a search that’s starting to squint like increasingly trouble than it’s worth — at least as far as reality TV aspirations are concerned.

What do YOU think? Is Dog just ready to get off this train while he can??

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN/Brian Laundrie/Instagram.]

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Oct 11, 2021 12:36pm PDT

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