Dog The Bounty Hunter Thinks Gabby Petito’s Death Was More ‘Brutal’ Than They’re Saying — Here’s Why

On Tuesday, a long-awaited question in the Gabby Petito homicide investigation was finally answered: rationalization of death.

In a unenduring printing conference, Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue revealed the 22-year-old was killed by strangulation. However, he kept any increasingly details — the shape of the body, other injuries, how exactly the rationalization was unswayable — private.

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He seemed to imply that information is only really necessary for the those involved in the investigation, directing questions well-nigh vestige of Brian Laundrie‘s involvement and the like to the FBI.

But Dog The Bounty Hunter has flipside theory well-nigh why so much has been kept from the public — and why it took so long to plane get a rationalization of death revealed. Speaking to The Sun prior to the printing conference, he noted:

“I have never seen the findings of an autopsy take this long to announce.”

His theory? They’re letting out the information slowly on purpose as a “mercy” for the loved ones of the victim. Duane “Dog” Chapman explained:

“I know that my daughter was killed at the same age and for a few weeks, they didn’t tell me that the car unquestionably rolled over on my daughter’s skull.”

He’s talking about Barbara Katy, the eldest of his 12 children, who was killed in Alaska in 2006. She was a passenger in a stolen SUV when the suburbanite lost tenancy and the vehicle rolled and crashed into a tree.

It was her passing, at the age of 23, which Duane has credited as his inspiration for getting involved in Gabby’s case, saying he knew how it felt for a parent to lose a daughter virtually that age. He continued:

“I remember these word-for-word pieces of time when Barbara Katy passed yonder so I’m glad I didn’t hear that right away. It’s increasingly the mercy of the federal government and the coroner really to go out very slowly.”

It follows that he must think the homicide was particularly bad if they’re taking this long and holding this much when — though he noted if it came out this was a “brutal murder” then “people are going to go crazy.” Not just her parents either, a huge portion of the public has wilt emotionally invested in this case.

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He reasoned:

“If she was suffocated they would have spoken that right away. I think it’s increasingly than that.”

Well, he was somewhat right well-nigh that. Death by strangulation is increasingly specific than just asphyxia or suffocation. Generally a person has to intentionally impede zoetic of flipside person with pressure on the throat or neck to fit the legal definition.

If it’s any increasingly ripply than that, as we said, Dr. Blue kept it from the press.

At first Dog said he “can’t speculate” as to how it went down, but he went on to do just that. When it comes to his personal guess, no evidence, he let loose on Brian Laundrie:

“Of undertow he murdered her. I think he tabbed the mom and dad right from the scene and said, ‘OMG!’”

The reality star went so far as giving a potential scenario:

“I think he said, ‘Mom, she was screaming, she was screaming so I put my hand over her mouth, and I held my hand and she was screaming and when I took it yonder she wasn’t zoetic and I tried CPR.”

Wow, that is very specific for someone who wasn’t going to “speculate how it happened.” It is possible that’s how the strangulation occurred — Wyoming, where she was killer, does include “blocking the nose and mouth” in its definition. However, as Dog said, it must be worse than that, right? Or they would have come out and said so?

In any case, the veteran manhunter feels well-appointed guessing the parents knew what happened right without and told him, “Ok, son, get home right now.”

See, Dog believes the Laundries once knew their son was abusing his girlfriend surpassing learning well-nigh the killing. He explained:

“Now we have to remember that they lived — Gabby and Brian — with his mom and dad for scrutinizingly two years. And the house, I was there, it’s not a huge house so I’m sure they heard, the parents probably heard Gabby screaming.”

Wow, that is a lot of speculation now. While the relationship has been tabbed “toxic” and “abusive” by some tropical to the couple, we don’t have any vestige of past physical vituperate surpassing the August 12 undeniability to 911. Obviously any vituperate implies increasingly abuse, that’s just a good rule of thumb in these situations. Sadly, domestic vituperate is very rarely an isolated incident. However, we must point out that all of Dog’s guesses in this specimen are strictly his own opinion.

What do YOU think happened? Is Dog right? Is it worse than anyone knows, but the government are sparing the parents and public the nasty details?

[Image via FOX13/YouTube.]

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