Fans Get Spicy About Victoria Beckham’s VERY Full Lips On GMA

Another day, flipside celeb getting tabbed out for having work done.

These days, a idealism getting botox or lip fillers is well-nigh as worldwide as getting a manicure. Some have gone the route of stuff honest well-nigh their cosmetic procedures, while others pension quiet well-nigh their subtle (and not-so-subtle) changes in appearance. One way or another, though, fans can usually spot the difference.

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Take Victoria Beckham: the former Spice Girl is known for being, well, posh, and has established a successful career for herself outside of the pop world in malleate and beauty.

On Wednesday, the businesswoman stopped by Good Morning America to yack on numerous subjects, including Victoria Beckham Beauty. Check it out (below):

Unfortunately, some viewers were distracted from the discussion by the British beauty’s visitation — specifically how much fuller her lips seem to squint all of a sudden. Fans on Twitter commented:

“Sorry Victoria, but no thanks, considering I rather follow NATURAL beauty.”

“So she says that she is focused on eyeful right now… but what on earth is she doing to her own face!?!? I dont think thats beauty! Im not sure that someone who make that to her own squatter can talk well-nigh BEAUTY”

Not only did critics take issue just with the fact the 47-year-old got fillers, some unquestionably had a problem with the way they looked:

“Oh boy – she needs to sue the plastic surgeon who did that to her face!”

“my gosh her lip injection looks terrible. Whyyyyy are women doing this to themselves??!! imageimage

“Love Victoria Beckham but what’s been washed-up to her lips is a shame.”

“Victoria Beckham on GMA is freaking me out. She only moves her eye lids and lips when speaking…it’s so unnatural and distracting. The botox/filler game can work for pics, but wow it’s not good for life things.”

“She used to be attractive-far too plumped to squint good anymore.”

Yikes. That’s harsh.

Look, the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries can all be veritably brutal, and we understand that prominent women in those industries are under a lot of pressure to maintain a unrepealable image. In this day and age, we can all winnow that people are self-ruling to make their own decisions when it comes to cosmetic procedures, and there are a lot increasingly factors at play to consider than just individual choice.

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That said… many of the people in the public eye who get work washed-up are responsible for perpetuating an untellable eyeful standard that most of us could never reach (or afford). It’s expressly egregious for someone like Victoria, who is encouraging people to have “fun with” her eyeful line — yet she herself is seemingly interchange her squatter in ways that can’t be replicated through makeup tricks.

As one observer tweeted:

“This is what’s wrong with so many things these days. She’s gone way over the top with lip fillers, yet here you are telling her how unconfined she looks. It’s madness. As a role model she should think well-nigh what she does and how she’s going to influence young women.”

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Are these face-altering procedures going too far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below)!

[Image via Lia Toby/MEGA/WENN]

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Oct 13, 2021 11:01am PDT

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