Gabby Petito’s Killer Used Their Bare Hands — Coroner Reveals More About Cause Of Death

On Tuesday, one of the biggest questions about Gabby Petito‘s death was finally answered. In a unenduring printing conference, Wyoming’s Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue revealed the 22-year-old’s rationalization of death to be strangulation.

However, untied from the horrifying fact the YouTuber had been sufferer 3-4 weeks surpassing stuff found, there was very little else shared at the time. In particular, Dr. Blue refused to wordplay questions well-nigh the specifics of Gabby’s injuries.

Later, though, official documents were released which gave an plane increasingly specific, descriptive rationalization of death: “manual strangulation/throttling.”

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In an interview unpacking the results on Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday night, Dr. Blue specified the legal definition for the host:

“Throttling ways that someone was strangled by human force. There was no mechanical gravity involved.”

Explaining why the stardom is necessary in documentation, he said:

“People can be strangled by other means. We have seen people on snowmobiles who run into a wire — that would be strangling by a mechanical event. But this was, we believe this was strangling by a human being.”

And of undertow “manual” ways with one’s yellowish hands. Naturally that implies a sort of intentionality, as opposed to reckless disregard. When you put a knee or elbow on someone’s neck, you obviously can wring them to death. But when you wrap your hands virtually their throat, you intend to wring them to death.

While he didn’t use those words, Dr. Blue veritably unsaid that was the word-for-word way Gabby was killed. When Anderson asked how authorities knew for sure it was washed-up by a human, the coroner answered:

“Mainly considering only humans have opposable thumbs. There is no vestige that this was washed-up by any unprepossessing as far as the rationalization of death.”

And that’s how you know for sure this was washed-up by human hands. They could tell someone’s fingers and thumb were wrapped virtually the terrified girl’s neck. Just awful.

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Blue did wordplay for something he perhaps shouldn’t have said during the printing conference. While speaking well-nigh the case, he referred to Gabby as just one of many “people who are involved in domestic violence” — implying the involvement of boyfriend Brian Laundrie, something he explicitly said at the time he couldn’t speak to.

When Anderson asked well-nigh that phrasing, the coroner corrected himself:

“That’s an assumption. That was strictly an assumption.”

See the full interview (below):

[embedded content]

Over on Fox News Digital, a top forensic pathologist who did not work on the specimen — and therefore wasn’t wrung to say too much — gave increasingly insight into the findings that had been released.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, who worked on the JonBenét Ramsey specimen among others, told the outlet the fact they can pinpoint transmission strangulation — as opposed to ligature strangulation — tells us plane increasingly than we think:

“Manual strangulation produces increasingly corporeal injuries than ligature … you can strangle someone with the ligature without breaking anything underneath. Ligature, [Blue] would not have been worldly-wise to make that determination without three or four weeks considering the soft tissues would have been decomposed and shrunken, dehydrated and the ligature, if there was one, might or might not have still been in place.”

Wecht says for them to determine it so much later, there must have been “anatomical defects of one or increasingly fractures to the structures in the neck.”

In other words, her neck was crushed in some pretty strong hands.

The forensics expert, while as disappointed as the rest of us not to have been given increasingly information, said the authorities seemed to have washed-up everything they could when it comes to examination. He did note, though, that two of the exams Dr. Blue mentioned — forensic entomology and toxicology — have “nothing to do with strangulation.” Is that, then, why the toxicology results have not come out? Do they tell authorities something else well-nigh the case? You’d think if they were clean, that would be an easy inclusion in the printing conference.

As for forensic entomology, scientists can use knowledge of insects on and virtually the soul to help determine rationalization and expressly time of death.

[Image via Nomadic Statik/FOX13/YouTube.]

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