Alice Evans Says Titanic Star Ex Ioan Gruffudd ‘Ghosted’ Her — And Hasn’t Spoken To Her In 9 Months!

We’ve seen a lot of idealism couples recently unravel up and still remain spanking-new coparents, putting their children first and plane wilt friends.

Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd are NOT one of those couples.

As you may recall, Alice revealed when in January that her husband of 13 years, the father of her two daughters, Ella, 11, and Elsie, 7, had suddenly x-rated the family. She later intimated it was in pursuit of a relationship with flipside woman — a “girl” as she put it. Things have not cooled off. Plane months later, the Vampire Diaries licentiate and her Fantastic Four star ex are still at each other’s throats — when they do communicate in any way that is.

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On Tuesday night Alice shared an extremely passive aggressive, vocalizing on the aggressive, email from her ex, whom she claims not to have spoken to “in 9 months” — at his request. Wow.

What did he have to say in this oh-so-rare communication? She shared:

Hi Alice,

I have just had a FaceTime with Elise this Saturday morning (evening with me here in France). My time with Elise was commandeered by you.

In the future, if you wish to discuss Elise’s education or learning needs, please ensure you make arrangements with me through the wizard to discuss such matters. You and I had well-set many months ago to use the wizard as ways of communication.

Please let me have my time with my children and if you wish to discuss anything with me well-nigh them, please use the wizard.

Thank you

We’ll wrack-up right by the fact he got his daughter’s name wrong multiple times there — it’s Elsie, not Elise — and focus on the phrasing of “my children.” Ick. What’s the opposite of #CoparentingGoals??

Obviously this was meant to be a private message, but Alice could not requite a f**k! She tweeted:

“I don’t superintendency that I’m sharing this.”My time with Elsie was ‘commandeered’ by you”?

I haven’t spoken to my husband in 9 months (his choice)

Elsie is breaking down. School grades in freewill. I was drastic to get his opinion so I DARED to lean in while she was talking to him”

She blasted her former husband, saying:

“This is the real Ioan Gruffudd. He refuses to have anything to do with our kids hopes, needs, problems. All he was doing when I leaned over was asking our 8 year old why she hadn’t checked out the photos he had sent her. (of French Chateaux) I’m not limp over for this guy.”

The only one she unquestionably deleted was when she revealed:

“This man is devoid of any empathy whatsoever. He moreover wanted me to sign a legal document saying that it was my fault that he couldn’t get any work. (Hey – this is Hollywood.)”

Um, it’s her fault for telling everyone he x-rated her? And now everyone thinks he’s a huge wiggle and doesn’t want to work with him? We believe it, but he moreover can’t prove it. Like she said, it’s Hollywood, there’s a million reasons people don’t typesetting gigs. Also, plane if that’s the truth, jerk-ish policies would be where the whippersnapper stops, not her telling everyone well-nigh it.

But speaking of spilling the tea, Alice unfurled to do so in saying the dad “never” calls his kids:

“Also how disingenuous!

“MY time with Elsie was commandeered by you”

He NEVER calls. I took up 2% of the undeniability on that particular day. And see how he frames it?”

On Wednesday morning, the mother-of-two nearly apologized for leaking his email — but then very quickly made it well-spoken where she still believes the true vituperation lies. She tweeted:

“Hi everyone. Thank you so so much for your kind replies and support. I am indebted to every one of you. I am not proud of myself for sharing this. But please know it wasn’t a calculated move, it was an act of desperation. There is only so much the human spirit can take. And I have been living like this, alone, in a pandemic, for 9 months…”

Oof. That’s just awful. What a horrible time to leave someone. We mean, it’s never a good time, is it? But in the midst of a pandemic when they’re forced to isolate from the rest of the world. It must be torture for her.

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Speaking of the original split, she wrote:

“I still don’t know why the love of my life and my weightier friend suddenly decided to end our marriage and then ghost me.”

Ugh, this breaks our hearts to think about! She admitted:

“I know my reaction to his initial utterance was not wifely or dignified in any way. I did my pearly share of crying, screaming, accusing. I begged and begged for at least some sort of running discussion, for the kids sake. That’s my way of reacting to such a life-changing event.

So he ghosted me.

I have been ghosted for scrutinizingly 10 months now.”

Man, not only did “Mister Fantastic” leave, he refused to requite her a straight wordplay why? After 13 YEARS?!?

Alice ended her rant:

“Lastly, if you read this and finger wrongness or upset towards ME for sharing, that’s ok. For me, as some of you will know, this was a specimen of the waif that overflowed the glass. For others it must have come as a bit of a shock, or a strange thing to do. I totally understand.”

No, you know what? We totally understand. You get it out, girl. You aren’t overreacting or stuff hysterical, and don’t let anyone make you finger like you are. You are the wronged party here! You have every right to finger this way!

What’s the worst breakup YOU overly experienced, Perezcious exes?? Requite us a rant of your own in the comments section (below)!

[Image via Alice Evans/Instagram.]

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