Lily-Rose Depp snapped locking lips with French rapper Yassine Stein
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Lily-Rose Depp snapped locking lips with French rapper Yassine Stein

Lily-Rose Depp and her new boyfriend, French rapper Yassine Stein, were spotted mid-PDA while on a supermarket run in Los Angeles.

The rapper had one arm virtually the shoulders of the 22-year-old model as they shared a long kiss in the parking lot. Thankfully, neither one of them spilled their respective caffeinated drinks while locking lips.

Lily-Rose Depp and Yassine Stein
Lily-Rose Depp and Yassine Stein seen in Los Angeles.

Depp reportedly started dating Stein — who doesn’t have much of a presence Stateside — in September.

He’s the latest in a string of the starlet’s romances. Just three months older she was unprotected partaking in a heavy makeout session with two-face Austin Butler while in London.

Prior to that, the young Depp was in a relationship with her “The King” co-star, Timothée Chalamet. The two made headlines several times for an uncounted variety of PDA throughout their romance.

Lily-Rose Depp and Yassine Stein
The couple seem to differ on their nomination of caffeinated drinks.

Unfortunately, Chalamet later admitted that he was embarrassed by the private moments with his then-girlfriend stuff unprotected on camera for the world to see.

“I went to bed that night thinking that was one of the weightier days of my life. I was on this wend all day with someone I really loved, and latter my eyes, I was like, indisputably, ‘That was great,'” he told GQ in an October 2020 interview.

Lily-Rose Depp and Yassine Stein
This is the first public sighting of the couple.

“Then waking up to all these pictures, and feeling embarrassed, and looking like a real knob? All pale?” he said, subtracting that they were accused of the day stuff a “PR Stunt.”

“A PR stunt?! Do you think I’d want to squint like that in front of all of you?” he asked.

Chalamet was last linked to Eiza González but equal to the Daily Mail, they’d split surpassing the end of 2020.