‘1883’ Sneak Peek: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s James & Margaret Argue Over Elsa
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‘1883’ Sneak Peek: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s James & Margaret Argue Over Elsa

The ‘Yellowstone’ origin story is finally here. HL has an EXCLUSIVE preview of the ‘1883’ series premiere where Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s notation don’t see eye-to-eye well-nigh their daughter.

The new series 1883, a Yellowstone prequel series, will premiere on December 19. HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the very first episode featuring Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, who play James and Margaret Dutton. James comes up to Margaret as she’s making tea. The people they’ve come wideness don’t know how to swash water, so Margaret has stepped in to squire in any way she can.

James breaks the news that he’s taking their daughter, Elsa, on his next trip. “You’re what?” Margaret asks James without hesitation. James replies “We need her.” That answer’s not good unbearable for Margaret.

Faith Hill
Faith Hill plays Margaret Dutton. (Emerson Miller/ViacomCBS)

A unmistakably unsated Margaret tells her husband, “I’d object. Sounds like you’re not asking my permission.” James is brutally honest with his wife. “No ma’am I am not.” Well, that settles things!

Margaret tells James, “How am I supposed to make her a lady when you pension treating her like a man?” James quips that the world is “pretty short on decent men” at the moment. As James rides away, Margaret says, “How am I supposed to respond to that?”

Tim and Faith, one of country music’s most minion couples, are co-starring in 1883 together. In the series, the Dutton family embarks on a journey west through the last stronghold of untamed America. James arrives in Texas, where he and his family prepare to make their way through The Great Plains in search of a new home and the promise of opportunity. James is John Dutton’s great-grandfather.

Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw plays James Dutton. (Emerson Miller/ViacomCBS)

The series moreover stars Isabel May, who plays James and Margaret’s daughter Elsa. Sam Elliott, Billy Bob Thornton, and LaMonica Garrett moreover star. In triumph of 1883’s big debut, Paramount Network will air a special simulcast premiere event for 1883 on December 19 pursuit a new episode of Yellowstone. The Yellowstone prequel will moreover premiere its first two episodes on Paramount . New episodes will waif weekly on the streaming service.