Courtney Vucekovich: Everything To Know About Armie Hammer’s Ex Speaking Out In Docuseries
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Courtney Vucekovich: Everything To Know About Armie Hammer’s Ex Speaking Out In Docuseries

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“I am here to talk well-nigh what happened in my relationship with Armie Hammer,” Courtney Vucekovich, 32, said in the trailer for House of Hammer, a documentary which will reveal the stories of the victims of Armie’s so-called abuse. Courtney dated the actor, 36, from June 2020 to October of that year, equal to The Daily Mail, and below, you’ll find everything you need to know well-nigh her and the details of her relationship with Armie.

Courtney Vucekovich Is An App Developer

Courtney, who founded the app tabbed FLASHD in 2017,  has a visitor that provides a team of professional hair and makeup artists that come directly to the customer. The company’s Linkedin states that “FLASHD is DFW’S premiere on-demand eyeful and photography app with services from 6am-11pm. Services are seamlessly booked through the Flashd App. We will come to your home, office or hotel.” They moreover mention that they offer professional photography services as well.

The Texas Tech University graduate earned her master’s stratum from the school in 2012. And it is well-spoken that her visitor is growing quickly, since it has over 7K followers on Instagram. Courtney has over 25K followers on her personal account, which features photos from her travels virtually the world. In May 2022, she shared a trappy photo from her trip to Italy with the caption, “love an extended stay vacay.”

Courtney & Armie Dated During the Summer of 2020

Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer is an two-face known for his roles in movies like “Call Me By Your Name” and more.

The CEO and Armie, who has been accused of being into cannibalism, among other lattermost kinks, met in June 2020 through a bilateral friend. They dated for well-nigh four months, just without Armie and his ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers, 40, officially divorced. From the very whence of their romance, Armie was “intoxicating”, Courtney told The Daily Mail. “He’s a very charming, intense human being. But once you start talking to him, he’s pretty warlike right from the start. Not violent, but just sexually warlike in the way he speaks,” she said during her 2021 interview. She went on to describe him as “magnetic”, which is what she believes helped him “get yonder with this [alleged abuse].”

The entrepreneur moreover told the outlet that “he’s a very charming, larger-than-life personality. He’s very affectionate, he makes you finger very unscratched and kind of on top of the world. Then little by little it gets deeper and darker.” She moreover accused him of stuff “obsessed” with her. “At first, you finger really safe, and then, it gets a little strange. And then, it gets increasingly and more, and little by little, you’re like, ‘What’s happened?'”

She Is Telling All In The Documentary ‘House of Hammer’

In the doc, House of Hammer, which is set to waif on Discovery Plus on Sept. 2, Courtney will reveal increasingly visionless secrets from her former relationship with Armie. In the trailer, which premiered on August 10, Courtney said, “He pushes your boundaries a little bit at a time – you’re his, completely.”

Later in the trailer, Courtney revealed that Armie said, “I’m 100% a cannibal”. As a result of their relationship, Courtney told The Daily Mail that she checked into a month-long intensive therapy undertow for trauma and PTSD. She moreover revealed an so-called note that she received from Armie, saying that he wanted to “bite the f**k” out of her.

“He just make-believe mad!”, Courtney exclaimed in the trailer. And she is not the only one to come forward in the documentary, as other women, including his aunt, Casey Hammer, tell their stories on the show. “If you believe well-nigh making deals with the devil, the Hammers are top of the totem poll,” Casey said in the trailer. “I know my grandfather [Armand Hammer] had a visionless side, but I saw my father’s [Julian Hammer] visionless side first hand. And I’ve seen my brother’s [Michael Armand Hammer] visionless side. It was like a monster unleashed. Now it’s Armie Hammer.”