Gabriela Berlingeri focuses on self-love and her jewelry line celebrates it

Even for those who want to be the center of attention Attention, be the spotlight are often associated with a high price. In a world where gossip dominates much of the media, even non-celebrities can get caught in the vortex of intense public attention. Especially if they are closely associated with someone famous and recognizable. Gabriela Berlingeri experienced all this, in a way that few can understand, being with one of the most famous characters in the world: Bad Bunny.

The Story How Berlingeri and the Latin trap artist met by chance in 2017 and began a relationship that has become part of their story. The two dated for several years and also collaborated on some songs. They also mentioned her in "Acho PR", a single from their latest album "Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana".

Details about when and when he kept the end of the relationship a secret, maintaining a romance that was already very private. And while the media has followed Bad Bunny's every move over the past year, Berlingeri has focused entirely on her passion project: the DiciembreVeintinueve jewelry line. The brand, named after her date of birth, has also helped her discover new, healthy perspectives on self-love and life, as well as a great relationship.

Growing up throughout his life in the coastal neighborhood of Isla Verde de Carolina, Puerto Rico, Berlingeri always considered himself a person close to nature. He describes his family as a family full of “creators,” a trait he follows with pride.

“My grandmother makes stained glass, my father designs everything. "She gets tattoos and loves to paint. My aunt is an architect. "My family was very creative," Berlingeri told POPSUGAR. "Doing something with your hands is incredible."

In this case Berlingeri loved jewelry. “Many people say they can't sleep with jewelry on, but I always sleep with it,” she says. “I wake up and even if I'm wearing nothing else, I'm wearing my jewelry."

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Her interest only grew after working with a local jewelry designer and learning to make pieces herself. In 2019, she began seeding what would become “December Twenty Nine” (or D29 as she is also known). The brand launched in November 2020 after pandemic-related delays and has since been producing beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and more, all made in-house by Berlingeri and his team using premium, locally sourced materials.

Berlingeri says she has long-term ideas for collections, but she prefers to be inspired by the present moment when it comes to individual creations. When asked how he got there, she replied: “It's very random. I sit down, analyze the parts I have on hand, put on the AirPods and start assembling them. It's like building a puzzle."

This month, D29 launches its Valentine's Day collection with pieces like the Nabelle "Unicorn" necklace and the two-piece necklace "Thelma" and Louise" to share on the market. between best friends. This year's theme is dedicated to self-love, healthy friendships, and the important connection between mind, body, and soul. mind when you start to focus on yourself. Last July they launched the Rhea collection, a line inspired by the colors of Puerto Rico's natural pools, rivers, forests and beaches. An idea that suddenly appeared in Berlingeri a few months ago. In search of inspiration, he decided to take a trip around the island. She can be seen in several pieces: just look at the green tourmaline stones that make up the Medare necklace, which, according to her, represents not only the green of the flora, but also the water of the rivers and the sea. Sometimes it can take on color. a shade of green.

“The stones we use in our collections are semi-precious natural stones,” she shares. “I was very inspired by the beach, but this time I wanted to include more rivers and forests. Puerto Rico is known for its beaches, but we have many beautiful rivers and I wanted to capture their colors.

Another piece, the Casa necklace, features a palm tree in the foreground and a mountain range in the background, reflecting a vision that many Cariocas live with every day: the coast on one side and the central mountains on the other . other. other. other. As Berlingeri says: “Many people will identify with the fact that we are a small island. Getting to the beach isn't that difficult, although I know there are ups and downs. »He remembers a report he once saw about communities in the highest points of Puerto Rico, where people lived their entire lives without leaving their cities. “In Puerto Rico, in the mountains, there is a lot of poverty, more than you might think,” he adds. “There are families who live there who have never seen the sea and who do not have the opportunity to visit the coast.”

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With what openness and enthusiasm he speaks on Com a For this collection and future plans, including D29's upcoming expansion to swimwear sales, their excitement is palpable. She is surrounded by a dedicated team of women who she considers her close friends, including lead designer Shelby Díaz Esquerdo, who leads the One of One waste awareness initiative, which repurposes discarded items into one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Berlingeri knows that it will take time to escape the attention of the people he has been with in the past, but his life is aligned with this, the which helps him ignore the noise and move forward. your goals.

“The most important thing for me right now is to stay happy and at peace,” she says. “You have to work hard to feel good and stable. And I want to create things that satisfy me and keep me focused on my work." Berlingeri also incorporates this into the theme of his new line, framing it around the idea of his own customers buying Valentine's Day gifts.